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Kelly Slater Wave Pool and other surfing spots. Where is the best place to start for beginners


Surfers may be divided into two groups: those who visit popular surfing locations and those who use the Internet to find similar locations. Their unwavering passion for surfing is the one thing they share in common. Welcome to the group if you’re likewise “hooked” on surfing and find it impossible to envision your life without the never-ending hunt for waves!


If you are reading this article, we can confidently say that you love surfing. If you are going to the UAE for a couple of weeks on vacation, then we will offer you several places where you can surf. Not all of them are located in the same city, so we advise you to pay attention to renting a car. Of course, not every rental company has such a function, but if you search, you can easily find no deposit car rental Dubai. The most important thing is to carefully read the terms and conditions of renting a car. What are the advantages, you ask? The fact is that during a 2-week vacation in the UAE, you can visit several surf spots. You can go to a new one every day if it’s convenient for you.


Well, now, let’s get down to the surfing spots themselves.


Kelly Slater Wave Pool


Let’s first talk about the most famous surf spot in the UAE – Kelly Slater Wave Pool.


Who didn’t know: Kelly Slater is an 11-time world surfing champion. He created an artificial wave as close to natural as possible. It is perfectly flat, gives great pipes, and allows you to truly surf outside the reach of the ocean.


Why so perfect? The wave was created competently technically and scientifically. The guys made an installation similar to an airplane wing (hydraulic wing), which moves through the water, creating a swell, and the bottom of the pool has a contour, which maintains the swell in the desired shape. For now, it is closed to the general public, but a commercial park is being built using this technology in Florida, which they promise to open soon. Many people want to get there, maybe you will succeed.


Spot Surf Pool in a swimming pool in Dubai


A great substitute for the location mentioned above. The United Arab Emirates is a place where nothing is impossible. There is a pool with man-made waves and all the necessary conditions for drive surfing at the Wadi Adventure water park, so surfing is possible even in the midst of the desert.


Depending on the surfer’s ability level, Surf Pool may function in several ways. The system generates left and right waves with varying intensities and lengths. Professionals and novices will find their courses with a teacher engaging and stimulating.


The best beaches for surfing in Dubai and beyond


If you are not a big fan of artificial waves, then beaches can be an alternative. Sunset Beach is very popular among Dubai surfers, because in addition to the waves, here you can “catch” excellent photography with the Burj Al Arab Hotel in the background. You can also catch a wave at Mamzar Park and Kite Beach. Scott Chambers, an experienced surfer and one of the founders of the local surf club Surf House Dubai, moved to Dubai many years ago. Chambers believes the Emirate has unique surfing conditions and invites tourists to experience it for themselves. All the beaches are well-equipped and have the parking facilities for your rented car. 


The Wreck is a great place for beginner surfers. If you are looking for a guarantee of consistent waves and ease of access, you cannot miss Famara Beach. Famara is considered one of the best surf beaches in Lanzarote. Since the bay is open from west to northeast, waves come in all year round.




There are surfing chances worldwide to suit all ability levels, so it doesn’t matter if you are an experienced surfer or a beginner.


The Wreck and Famara Beach are great places for novices to catch waves consistently in a more relaxed setting. To make the most of your surfing experience, renting a car in Dubai offers the ease of exploring a range of surf places while you’re here.