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We’re going surfing. Time to check if everything is ready for the trip


Surf tours are an active sport, and you can visit interesting sights and get to know the local cuisine. When going on such an adventure, it is very important to prepare, collect all the necessary equipment, and also rent a car that will easily transport surfboards. The most important thing is the condition of the car.


When choosing such a surf tour in Dubai, it doesn’t matter whether you rent a car or you have your own, in case of any, even seemingly insignificant problem, it is better to contact the car repair service center. How to find a company that does car repair? It’s simple, enter for example headlight repair Dubai or just service center Dubai. Specifying a city when searching for a car repair service is important so that service centers in this city are shown to you. Ready for the journey? Check twice with our handy advice below:


Traveler’s Basic Set


If you are flying from another country for surfing, then we recommend putting in your hand luggage the things that you need first: passport, money, bank cards, chargers, power bank, personal hygiene items, and part of the first aid kit, if there are medications you take regularly. Don’t forget to buy insurance that includes the “surfing” and/or “extreme sports” extensions. We must not forget that surfing is an extreme sport.


You should also put in your hand luggage:


  • Scarf (in transport it can be cold both from the street and from the air conditioner).
  • Earplugs and sleep mask.
  • A set of spare clothes in case the main luggage is delayed.
  • Water bottle/thermal mug (life hack: many airports have free water coolers, so it makes sense to bring an empty bottle through security and fill it up at the gate. In addition, a thermal mug holds much more tea than a standard cup on an airplane, you just have to politely ask the flight attendant after the general distribution. Your personal large water container will come in handy during the surf tour itself, both during walks and at the spot during breaks and after riding. We are responsible surfers and don’t want to buy disposable bottles, though. ?);
  • Flip-flops (You will be glad to have them in your hand luggage during long flights and transfers).


Among the mandatory things you need to include in your luggage is an extended first aid kit with a supply of funds for different occasions.


What to take on a surf tour for warm climates

It would be great to get by with just shorts and a T-shirt in this section, but for a comfortable and safe trip, you need a little more. In warm climates, it often rains, and if it’s tropical, it’s usually heavy and unexpected, so you can’t do without a raincoat.


You will also need reef (coral) neoprene slippers. They are needed for surfing on reefs or rocky spots, where when entering the water you can cut yourself on the bottom or step on a sea urchin, and then suffer for a long time with needles stuck in your leg.


Be sure to include a windbreaker and a set of warm clothes in your luggage. Even in the tropics, it can be cool in the evening, and on excursions in the mountains, a windbreaker is a must-have!


Surfing in cold water: what to take with you on a surf tour


As we already mentioned, sunscreen or surf zinc is needed on any trip, regardless of the water temperature. Even in cloudy weather, the sun penetrates through the clouds and reflects off the water, so you should not neglect the protection of your facial skin. The body in the cool water is hidden from the sun by a wetsuit. Hydrics come in different thicknesses and cuts, and it is important to choose the right one for your specific riding conditions and personal sensitivity to cold. Sometimes neoprene is needed even in the tropics – in the “winter” season it is still very warm near the equator, but the water cools down to 24-25 degrees. Swimming in it is fine, but after two hours of surfing you can freeze, so it is recommended to ride in a 1-2 mm wetsuit.