shon halasi personal training


With Shon Halasi

Train at the El Segundo Athletic Club – Located at 505 Main Street – Only a 5 minute drive from El Porto
First session FREE • Prices based upon a 6 week commitment
6 week program • Train 2 times a week • 1/2 hr sessions • $45 per session (that includes your daily gym fee)
Focus on exercises to make you stronger and your surfing better
Work on Core • Shoulder Stability • Hips • Legs • Paddling Endurance • Explosive Power

Shon hails from the Garden Island of Kauai where we he was an avid surfer and full-time fitness enthusiast.
He has the experience and passion that will help you to take your surfing to the next level.
If you love to surf why not get the edge you need to really excel in the water?

• Strength and conditioning coach for 20+ years
• IFA certified
• BMS certified
• Resist-A-Ball certified
• NCCPT certified
• Murphogenic field tech certified
• Nutrition coach
• Official trainer for SWELLMAGNET.COM
Shon Halasai

My whole body and balance approach was forged through school and being a semi pro athlete.
To me, training is a essential and necessary part of any athletes program.
Resistance training isn’t just going to the gym and simple performing  a series of exercises.
Instead my clients perform a specific group of exercises for what they need.
Nutritional and Physical go hand and hand,” rest and h20 “