Today’s Slideshow is courtesy of John Eggers – Thanksgiving Day in the South Bay 11-28-13


lo res white sharkIf you haven’t seen the Video of the Great White Shark encounter, at El Porto, from 10-16-13
Check it out!

Wow… December 8th and only one decent swell this whole winter so far, (and I missed it). I feel like an Oliver Twist like beggar looking for wave crumbs in the streets of a surf impoverished West Coast. Mother Nature has really done a number on us again with a lack luster work ethic that should result in an immediate firing.

I’m thinking/hoping that the swell corridor has to burst wide open soon and that it’s only a matter of time until we see a legitimate wave bonanza. Until then I’ll keep going to my anger management classes and popping those Prozac. As for that guy who snaked me on my best wave today and cartwheeled right in front of, all I can say, is it’s a good thing I’m on my meds… I am about to SNAP!

For Monday morning we’ll dip back into the waist high zone with leftover scraps of wind swell. We should see some new, medium interval energy move in through the day and put the better West facing breaks into the waist high plus zone by days end.

2013-12-09 Mon 03:03 AM 4.78 feet High Tide
2013-12-09 Mon 06:48 AM Sunrise
2013-12-09 Mon 07:13 AM First Quarter
2013-12-09 Mon 09:10 AM 2.05 feet Low Tide
2013-12-09 Mon 11:59 AM Moonrise
2013-12-09 Mon 02:40 PM 3.97 feet High Tide
2013-12-09 Mon 04:44 PM Sunset
2013-12-09 Mon 09:05 PM 0.79 feet Low Tide

The conditions look good with winds out of the NE/NNE in the 7-15 MPH zone all day long. The air temp will check in at 59 degrees.

For Tuesday morning that new NW energy, 12-14 seconds from a 290 degree angle will put the best West facing beaches in the waist to hopefully chest high range.

2013-12-10 Tue 12:27 AM Moonset
2013-12-10 Tue 04:00 AM 5.11 feet High Tide
2013-12-10 Tue 06:48 AM Sunrise
2013-12-10 Tue 10:39 AM 1.49 feet Low Tide
2013-12-10 Tue 12:34 PM Moonrise
2013-12-10 Tue 04:17 PM 3.65 feet High Tide
2013-12-10 Tue 04:45 PM Sunset
2013-12-10 Tue 10:04 PM 1.19 feet Low Tide

The conditions look fair + with NE/NNE in the 4-8 MPH until noon and then those will shift onshore but remain very light throughout the rest of the day. The air temp will jump up to 65 degrees.

Wednesday morning looks weaker as that NW energy bows out quickly and leaves the West facing in the waist high zone.

2013-12-11 Wed 01:27 AM Moonset
2013-12-11 Wed 04:51 AM 5.43 feet High Tide
2013-12-11 Wed 06:49 AM Sunrise
2013-12-11 Wed 11:47 AM 0.86 feet Low Tide
2013-12-11 Wed 01:10 PM Moonrise
2013-12-11 Wed 04:45 PM Sunset
2013-12-11 Wed 05:41 PM 3.59 feet High Tide
2013-12-11 Wed 10:59 PM 1.51 feet Low Tide

The conditions look good again with NNE winds until 11AM, then breezes out of the West at 5-8 MPH through the afternoon. The air temp will top out at 64 degrees.

For Thursday morning looks weak with just knee to waist high dribblers on tap.

2013-12-12 Thu 02:26 AM Moonset
2013-12-12 Thu 05:35 AM 5.71 feet High Tide
2013-12-12 Thu 06:50 AM Sunrise
2013-12-12 Thu 12:40 PM 0.30 feet Low Tide
2013-12-12 Thu 01:46 PM Moonrise
2013-12-12 Thu 04:45 PM Sunset
2013-12-12 Thu 06:48 PM 3.65 feet High Tide
2013-12-12 Thu 11:48 PM 1.76 feet Low Tide

The conditions look pretty good with 4-9 MPH winds, out of the NNE until 11AM ans 6-10 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp will get up to 66 degrees.

The current water temps Newport 59 degrees, Huntington 59 degrees, the South Bay showed as 60 degrees, Santa Monica 59 degrees and Malibu 57 degrees.

I’ll be back on Monday afternoon with the next update!