Today’s Slideshow courtesy of Jason Goodwin. The South Bay 2-15-13



Looks like there were still a few waves to be had at El Porto this morning… everything else looked pretty WEAK! Expect 1 more day of unreal weather before we spiral back into the ice age. What a killer day today. I hope you had a chance to get outside!

Saturday morning should see some killer weather but unfortunately the waves will remain in the knee to waist high zone. Great beach day, bad surf day!

2013-02-16 Sat 01:01 AM 4.48 feet High Tide
2013-02-16 Sat 06:37 AM Sunrise
2013-02-16 Sat 08:23 AM 1.38 feet Low Tide
2013-02-16 Sat 10:13 AM Moonrise
2013-02-16 Sat 02:21 PM 2.63 feet High Tide
2013-02-16 Sat 05:39 PM Sunset
2013-02-16 Sat 06:47 PM 2.11 feet Low Tide

The conditions look great with 5-12 MPH winds out of the NE/NNE until 1PM. From there we’ll see variable winds out of the West in the 4-10 MPH zone in the afternoon. We’ll see another balmy air temp of 76 degrees.

On Sunday morning things will start off on the small side with mostly waist high sets. The good news is that we should start seeing some scout sets in the chest high plus zone start to show up later in the day.

2013-02-17 Sun 12:19 AM Moonset
2013-02-17 Sun 02:02 AM 4.32 feet High Tide
2013-02-17 Sun 06:36 AM Sunrise
2013-02-17 Sun 10:12 AM 1.24 feet Low Tide
2013-02-17 Sun 10:54 AM Moonrise
2013-02-17 Sun 12:31 PM First Quarter
2013-02-17 Sun 05:19 PM 2.61 feet High Tide
2013-02-17 Sun 05:40 PM Sunset
2013-02-17 Sun 07:56 PM 2.52 feet Low Tide

The conditions look tolerable early, with variable, 1-4 MPH winds until 11AM and west winds will get up to 8-10 MPH in the afternoon. We’ll see the air temp plummet to a high of 66 degrees.

On Monday morning we’ll see surf in the chest high plus zone for top West facing beaches. This energy will move in from a 290-300 degree angle with 16-18 second intervals.

2013-02-18 Mon 01:12 AM Moonset
2013-02-18 Mon 03:21 AM 4.28 feet High Tide
2013-02-18 Mon 06:35 AM Sunrise
2013-02-18 Mon 11:33 AM 0.89 feet Low Tide
2013-02-18 Mon 11:38 AM Moonrise
2013-02-18 Mon 05:41 PM Sunset
2013-02-18 Mon 06:43 PM 2.92 feet High Tide
2013-02-18 Mon 10:03 PM 2.66 feet Low Tide

The conditions look a bit suspect with E/SE winds in the 3-6 MPH range until around 11 and mild, 6-9 MPH, variable winds into the afternoon. We’ll see a chilly air temp of 61 degrees.

For Tuesday morning it looks like we should see a stronger, 20-22 second interval build in through the day. This will eclipse the other swell when it starts to fill in and should put the exposed West facing breaks into the head high to overhead zone by days end. The weather could take a turn for the worse though…

2013-02-19 Tue 02:02 AM Moonset
2013-02-19 Tue 04:36 AM 4.42 feet High Tide
2013-02-19 Tue 06:34 AM Sunrise
2013-02-19 Tue 12:23 PM 0.51 feet Low Tide
2013-02-19 Tue 12:25 PM Moonrise
2013-02-19 Tue 05:41 PM Sunset
2013-02-19 Tue 07:14 PM 3.20 feet High Tide
2013-02-19 Tue 11:23 PM 2.51 feet Low Tide

The conditions a little sketchy as a front moves in bringing with it an onshore floe and a 30% chance of rain. The winds will start off light and variable at 2-4 MPH but pick up quickly with stiff West winds up to 20 MPH. We’ll see an air temp of 56 degrees.

The current water temps are as follows – Newport 56 degrees, Huntington 57 degrees, the South Bay showed as 59 degrees, Santa Monica 57 degrees and Malibu 54 degrees.
I’ll be back on Sunday with the next update!