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For Friday morning that swell should be in full swing with shoulder to head high surf for most West facing breaks and some larger OH sets for the top deep water beaches. Once again the SW facing beaches should get at least a little love due to the liberal 280-290 degree angle!

The tide starts off a bit high at first light but drains out quickly through the morning.

2015-01-16 Fri 03:00 AM Moonrise
2015-01-16 Fri 05:39 AM 5.44 feet High Tide
2015-01-16 Fri 06:59 AM Sunrise
2015-01-16 Fri 12:59 PM -0.03 feet Low Tide
2015-01-16 Fri 01:46 PM Moonset
2015-01-16 Fri 05:08 PM Sunset
2015-01-16 Fri 07:19 PM 3.38 feet High Tide
2015-01-16 Fri 11:54 PM 2.00 feet Low Tide

The conditions look good again through the morning with NE/NNE winds in the 3-9 PH zone until noon and 2-6 MPH breezes out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 70 degrees.

For Saturday morning that swell will be on the decline, but should still be dishing up some chest high plus sets for the stand out West facing breaks.

Also it appears as if we’ll get another nice boost of long interval, Westerly swell as new energy moves in through the day. There may be some larger sets in the AM but those look to be sporadic. The meat and potatoes will show up later in the day and be in play for Sunday morning. The best spots should go shoulder to head high with OH sets and remain at a Westerly angle which bodes well for the SW facing breaks that are receptive to that angle.

2015-01-17 Sat 04:00 AM Moonrise
2015-01-17 Sat 06:22 AM 5.90 feet High Tide
2015-01-17 Sat 06:58 AM Sunrise
2015-01-17 Sat 01:37 PM -0.61 feet Low Tide
2015-01-17 Sat 02:39 PM Moonset
2015-01-17 Sat 05:09 PM Sunset
2015-01-17 Sat 07:58 PM 3.69 feet High Tide

The conditions should be good for the AM again with variable winds out of the East, in the 2-9 PH zone until noon and 2-5 MPH breezes out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 71 degrees.

For Sunday morning we should have solid surf with the top West facing breaks seeing head high to OH sets coming in from a 270-280 degree angle. Tides are pretty high the AM, which should soften things up a bit, but shouldn’t shut things down completely.

Looks like good conditions and pretty pumping waves. Have fun! I’ll be stuck in Riverside at my sons Soccer tournament, (Why Riverside???), so get a couple for me too!

2015-01-18 Sun 12:43 AM 1.83 feet Low Tide
2015-01-18 Sun 04:58 AM Moonrise
2015-01-18 Sun 06:58 AM Sunrise
2015-01-18 Sun 07:04 AM 6.31 feet High Tide
2015-01-18 Sun 02:14 PM -1.08 feet Low Tide
2015-01-18 Sun 03:38 PM Moonset
2015-01-18 Sun 05:10 PM Sunset
2015-01-18 Sun 08:35 PM 3.98 feet High Tide

The conditions look good again with variable winds in the 0-2 PH zone until 11AM and 5-7 MPH breezes out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp hovers in the 70 degree range.

For Monday morning we’ll see a dropping swell, but that should still be good for chest to shoulder high sets for the better West facing beaches. A ripe, 6.61 high tide at 7:46AM will muffle the surf to a certain degree, but drain out more than a foot an hour heading into the afternoon.

By early afternoon/early evening a new swell from 270-280 degrees will deliver shoulder to head high waves with OH sets for the best West facing breaks. This energy will move straight in from an extremely Westerly direction, so any place with a sniff of the West should see some decent swell bend in.

2015-01-19 Mon 01:29 AM 1.61 feet Low Tide
2015-01-19 Mon 05:55 AM Moonrise
2015-01-19 Mon 06:58 AM Sunrise
2015-01-19 Mon 07:46 AM 6.61 feet High Tide
2015-01-19 Mon 02:52 PM -1.40 feet Low Tide
2015-01-19 Mon 04:43 PM Moonset
2015-01-19 Mon 05:11 PM Sunset
2015-01-19 Mon 09:13 PM 4.24 feet High Tide

The conditionslook fair with variable winds in the 1-5 MPH zone all day long. The air temp hangs tough at 70 degrees.

For Tuesday morning that Westerly energy will peak, with the top, deep water, West facing breaks going well Overhead on the sets. The saving grace for the beach breaks will be a ridiculous 6.73 foot high tide at at 8:30 AM which could foster some shape in the AM, but as the tide drops it will likely become walled. The Points and Reefs should be the ticket and with all of the Westerly direction in the swell even the South facing breaks should be clicking to a certain degree.

The winds look to be swirling, but mild, so I’m anticipating fairly clean conditions throughout the day.

2015-01-20 Tue 02:15 AM 1.40 feet Low Tide
2015-01-20 Tue 05:14 AM New Moon
2015-01-20 Tue 06:47 AM Moonrise
2015-01-20 Tue 06:57 AM Sunrise
2015-01-20 Tue 08:30 AM 6.73 feet High Tide
2015-01-20 Tue 03:30 PM -1.51 feet Low Tide
2015-01-20 Tue 05:12 PM Sunset
2015-01-20 Tue 05:51 PM Moonset
2015-01-20 Tue 09:52 PM 4.47 feet High Tide

The conditionslook okay with light and variable confused winds in the 2-6 MPH zone until late afternoon and 2-6 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp dips a few degrees to 67.

The current water temps Newport 62 degrees, Huntington 60 degrees, the South Bay showed as 61 degrees, Santa Monica 62 degrees and Malibu 60 degrees.

I’ll be back on Friday with the next update!