Today’s Slideshow is courtesy of Lucio Gomes – The South Bay – 6-3-15
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HURRICANE WATCH: Hurricane Blanca has strengthened to a Category 4 storm about 455 miles south of Manzanillo, Mexico. The storm first became a hurricane Tuesday evening, so it has intensified very rapidly. It is expected to continue strengthening during the next 24 hours and will likely be a Category 5 storm by Thursday morning. The storm has moved very little since Tuesday and will move very slowly during the next 24-36 hours. Later this week, it will start moving northward.

The system will pose no direct threat to land through at least Friday. However, it will cause increasingly rough surf and rip currents along the west coast of Mexico later this week. By late Saturday or Sunday, It will likely move very close to or over Baja California. Before it makes it that far north, it will encounter much cooler water and will start weakening, so it would be much weaker by the time it gets near land.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Andres continues to weaken, and this trend will continue over the next couple of days. It will turn eastward by tonight or early Thursday, and as it continues to move over cool water and dissipate later this week.


Thursday morning continues to hold promise as we’ll see continued SW energy in the chest high range. Not as consistent as Weds but till some decent sets for the beaches receptive to 210-215 degree angle.

If things go as planned we’ll also see a decent burst of NW wind swell with the best West facing breaks seeing chest high plus peaks.

The combo beach breaks could be pretty fun but we kick things off in the hole with a minus tide a little after first light!

2015-06-04 Thu 05:31 AM -0.86 feet Low Tide
2015-06-04 Thu 05:43 AM Sunrise
2015-06-04 Thu 07:44 AM Moonset
2015-06-04 Thu 12:03 PM 3.81 feet High Tide
2015-06-04 Thu 04:42 PM 2.11 feet Low Tide
2015-06-04 Thu 08:01 PM Sunset
2015-06-04 Thu 09:57 PM Moonrise
2015-06-04 Thu 10:56 PM 5.96 feet High Tide

The conditions could go either way with variable S/SE/SSE, 4-10 MPH breezes until 11AM and 10-12 MPH in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 70 degrees and there’s a meager 10% chance of rain.

Friday morning both the SW energy and the NW wind swell will back down a bit with inconsistent waist to chest high high sets. The NW wind swell will will be a bit smaller too but should be good for waist to chest high peaks.

2015-06-05 Fri 05:42 AM Sunrise
2015-06-05 Fri 06:15 AM -0.78 feet Low Tide
2015-06-05 Fri 08:44 AM Moonset
2015-06-05 Fri 12:53 PM 3.83 feet High Tide
2015-06-05 Fri 05:31 PM 2.26 feet Low Tide
2015-06-05 Fri 08:02 PM Sunset
2015-06-05 Fri 10:47 PM Moonrise
2015-06-05 Fri 11:41 PM 5.68 feet High Tide

The conditions look a little iffy with 2-8 MPH breezes out of the South until 11AM and 10-12 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 67 degrees.

By Saturday morning all of the previous energy will continue to back down but it looks like we’ll get a little boost in NW wind swell and another pulse of SW ground swell from a 195-200 degree angle. The top spots should see waist high plus sets with a few larger waves mixing in.

Hurricane Blanca should work her way into the fold later in the day but it looks like she probably won’t move out to the West enough to send an abundance of swell into So Cal. Right now it looks like the angle would be 150-160 degrees which is sideways and will only get into the most exposed South facing breaks. Mother Nature doesn’t always follow the script so at this point this is only a hypothesis!

2015-06-06 Sat 05:42 AM Sunrise
2015-06-06 Sat 07:02 AM -0.59 feet Low Tide
2015-06-06 Sat 09:46 AM Moonset
2015-06-06 Sat 01:48 PM 3.90 feet High Tide
2015-06-06 Sat 06:31 PM 2.41 feet Low Tide
2015-06-06 Sat 08:02 PM Sunset
2015-06-06 Sat 11:32 PM Moonrise

The conditions look passable with variable 1-3 MPH breezes until 10AM and 9-14 MPH winds out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at a comfortable 68 degrees.

By Sunday morning, if the models play out as planned, the most exposed South facing breaks should see fairly consistent head high to OH surf from an agonizingly steep angle of 160 degrees. Many spots will receive little to no swell due to the severity of the angle. The OC and San O’ areas will do best.

Small wind swell and continued sets out of the SW will be our only bankable surf for now. We’ll have to wait and see what Blanca does over the next 48 hours!

2015-06-07 Sun 12:32 AM 5.25 feet High Tide
2015-06-07 Sun 05:42 AM Sunrise
2015-06-07 Sun 07:53 AM -0.32 feet Low Tide
2015-06-07 Sun 10:50 AM Moonset
2015-06-07 Sun 02:47 PM 4.06 feet High Tide
2015-06-07 Sun 07:49 PM 2.47 feet Low Tide
2015-06-07 Sun 08:03 PM Sunset

The conditions look okay with variable 2-4 MPH breezes until 10AM and 9-15 MPH winds out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at a comfortable 70 degrees.


The current water temps Newport 66 degrees, Huntington 62 degrees, the South Bay showed as 63 degrees, Santa Monica 65 degrees and Malibu 59 degrees.

I’ll be back on Thursday with the next update!