Swellmagnet Owner Mike Durand has a little breakfast meeting with Mr. white on 3-7-15 – The sharks showed no signs of aggressive behavior!


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For Wednesday morning we’ll continue to beat that dead horse with the unthinkable… a string of 6 waist high or below days in a row. These are the kind of streaks we need to avoid, but Mother Nature put in some solid work this Winter, so don’t get too pissed off if she takes off a well deserved week 🙂 Just as long as she doesn’t get too comfortable!

2015-03-11 Wed 12:48 AM 4.51 feet High Tide
2015-03-11 Wed 07:10 AM Sunrise
2015-03-11 Wed 07:55 AM 1.10 feet Low Tide
2015-03-11 Wed 10:35 AM Moonset
2015-03-11 Wed 01:53 PM 2.88 feet High Tide
2015-03-11 Wed 06:43 PM 1.94 feet Low Tide
2015-03-11 Wed 06:58 PM Sunset

The conditions should be fair again with variable, 1-5 MPH breezes until 2PM and a timid 6-9 MPH winds out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 71 degrees on the sand.

For Thursday morning we’re looking at continued small surf in the knee to waist high range pretty much everywhere.

There is some relief in sight though, as a small, but muscular, long interval, 16-18 second interval starts to roll in later in the day. This energy will move in at a fairly steep 185-190 degree angle and be very selective about what beaches it visits. The most exposed South facing breaks in the OC and San O’ areas with be good for waist to chest high plus late in the day and should peak on Friday morning. This swell will be a bit inconsistent but should cough up a few good sets at select beaches.

2015-03-12 Thu 12:35 AM Moonrise
2015-03-12 Thu 01:37 AM 4.41 feet High Tide
2015-03-12 Thu 07:08 AM Sunrise
2015-03-12 Thu 09:21 AM 1.08 feet Low Tide
2015-03-12 Thu 11:20 AM Moonset
2015-03-12 Thu 03:48 PM 2.63 feet High Tide
2015-03-12 Thu 06:59 PM Sunset
2015-03-12 Thu 07:33 PM 2.31 feet Low Tide

The conditions look pretty good as another Santa Ana wind condition begins to weave itself into the fabric of the So Cal area. We’ll kick things off with 1-4 MPH breezes out of the East, (picking up steam in the passes and canyons as the day wears on). We’ll see 9-11 MPH West winds through the rest of the afternoon. The air temp leaps up to a toasty 79 degrees.

For Friday morning the most exposed South facing breaks will see inconsistent waist to chest high sets from a 185 degree angle.

We’ll also get a little boost 9-11 second interval energy out of the NW from a liberal angle of 275-280 degrees. The better West facing beaches should see waist high plus peaks. The tides are reasonable enough and we’re anticipating a classic, stellar, Santa Ana wind day!

2015-03-13 Fri 01:31 AM Moonrise
2015-03-13 Fri 02:49 AM 4.36 feet High Tide
2015-03-13 Fri 07:07 AM Sunrise
2015-03-13 Fri 10:49 AM Last Quarter
2015-03-13 Fri 10:55 AM 0.82 feet Low Tide
2015-03-13 Fri 12:10 PM Moonset
2015-03-13 Fri 05:57 PM 2.82 feet High Tide
2015-03-13 Fri 07:00 PM Sunset
2015-03-13 Fri 09:26 PM 2.55 feet Low Tide

The conditions should be off the chart with 5-12 MPH breezes out of the NNE at 5-12 MPH, (much stronger below the passes and canyons), all day long! The air skyrockets to a sizzling 86 degrees.

Saturday morning looks a bit feeble but there should still be a little something to ride. Small South and NW pulses will put the better spots into the waist high plus range.

Another absolutely gorgeous day will be on tap so get out there and enjoy it!

2015-03-14 Sat 02:25 AM Moonrise
2015-03-14 Sat 04:19 AM 4.49 feet High Tide
2015-03-14 Sat 07:06 AM Sunrise
2015-03-14 Sat 12:05 PM 0.37 feet Low Tide
2015-03-14 Sat 01:06 PM Moonset
2015-03-14 Sat 06:55 PM 3.22 feet High Tide
2015-03-14 Sat 07:00 PM Sunset
2015-03-14 Sat 11:20 PM 2.39 feet Low Tide

The conditions look fantastic again with 4-10 MPH breezes out of the NE, (stronger below passes and canyons), until around noon and 10-12 MPH West winds through the afternoon. The air temp holds steady at 86 degrees.

For Sunday morning we’ll be reliant upon small knee to waist high NW energy to float the proverbial boat. Not much shaking but another beautiful beach day!

2015-03-15 Sun 03:18 AM Moonrise
2015-03-15 Sun 05:38 AM 4.82 feet High Tide
2015-03-15 Sun 07:04 AM Sunrise
2015-03-15 Sun 12:57 PM -0.11 feet Low Tide
2015-03-15 Sun 02:06 PM Moonset
2015-03-15 Sun 07:01 PM Sunset
2015-03-15 Sun 07:32 PM 3.68 feet High Tide

The conditions should comparable to Saturday with offshore winds and high pressure keeping the ocean surface clean. The air temp dips just a hair to 84 degrees.

The current water temps Newport 61 degrees, Huntington 60 degrees, the South Bay showed as 63 degrees, Santa Monica 62 degrees and Malibu 59 degrees.

I’ll be back on Wednesday with the next update!