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HURRICANE WATCH: Hurricane Andres may have turned a corner in its development as the storm’s sustained winds have begun to wane from its peak intensity of 110 mph. Still, the current sustained winds are 105 mph, making Andres a powerful Category 2 hurricane. This weakening trend will likely continue over the next several days with Andres becoming a remnant low by Friday.

Andres will turn more to the west later this week as it moves out over cooler waters and eventually dissipates over open waters and not directly impacting any landmasses. The only noticeable effect of the storm will be rough surf along the Mexican coast.

We continue to watch an area of low pressure located a few hundred miles south-southwest of Acapulco, Mexico. The storm will likely become better organized as it moves into an area of weaker wind shear. This system may become a tropical depression later this week.


Monday morning should starts off on the small side but… if everything goes as projected some scout sets from the Hurricane could start to show later in the day. The initial pulses look to roll in at a super steep 163-165 degree angle, (which is basically sideways), and will only visit the most exposed South facing breaks.

2015-06-01 Mon 03:38 AM -0.39 feet Low Tide
2015-06-01 Mon 05:11 AM Moonset
2015-06-01 Mon 05:43 AM Sunrise
2015-06-01 Mon 09:54 AM 3.77 feet High Tide
2015-06-01 Mon 02:49 PM 1.74 feet Low Tide
2015-06-01 Mon 07:12 PM Moonrise
2015-06-01 Mon 08:00 PM Sunset
2015-06-01 Mon 09:07 PM 5.98 feet High Tide

The conditions look decent early with 1-3 MPH breezes out of the E/SE until 10AM and 10-12 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. There’s a 10% chance of rain and the air temp tops out at 73degrees.

By Tuesday morning, if the models play out as planned, the most exposed South facing breaks should see fairly consistent head high to overhead surf from an agonizingly steep angle of 170-175 degrees. Many spots will receive little to no swell due to the severity of the angle. The OC and San O’ areas will do best.

Also a more liberally angled SW ground swell will move in from a 210-215 degree angle late in the day and should be good for some chest high plus bonus swell for Wednesday morning.

2015-06-02 Tue 04:14 AM -0.66 feet Low Tide
2015-06-02 Tue 05:43 AM Sunrise
2015-06-02 Tue 05:57 AM Moonset
2015-06-02 Tue 09:21 AM Full Moon
2015-06-02 Tue 10:35 AM 3.81 feet High Tide
2015-06-02 Tue 03:23 PM 1.84 feet Low Tide
2015-06-02 Tue 08:00 PM Sunset
2015-06-02 Tue 08:09 PM Moonrise
2015-06-02 Tue 09:40 PM 6.09 feet High Tide

The conditions look passable with variable 2-4 MPH breezes until 10AM and 9-12 MPH winds out of the West in the afternoon. There’s a 10% chance of rain and the air temp tops out at a comfortable 73 degrees.

Wednesday morning could be fun too with a mix of fading Hurricane Andrew swell, holding SW ground swell and a building NW wind swell. This is all based on the current models so my tune may change, but as of today this is what we have.

The South facing breaks should go chest to shoulder high, the South West combo spots should do better and the West facing breaks will see some waist to chest high wind swell. Looks like you’ll need to do a little work to find surf but it’ll be out there. Just follow the context clues!

2015-06-03 Wed 04:51 AM -0.82 feet Low Tide
2015-06-03 Wed 05:43 AM Sunrise
2015-06-03 Wed 06:48 AM Moonset
2015-06-03 Wed 11:17 AM 3.82 feet High Tide
2015-06-03 Wed 04:00 PM 1.96 feet Low Tide
2015-06-03 Wed 08:01 PM Sunset
2015-06-03 Wed 09:05 PM Moonrise
2015-06-03 Wed 10:16 PM 6.10 feet High Tide

The conditions look okay with variable winds, out of E/SE/SSE the in the 3-9 MPH range until 11AM and 9-11 MPH in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 70 degrees and once again there is a sparse, 10% chance of rain.

Thursday morning continues to hold promise as we’ll see continued SW energy in the chest high range. Not as consistent as Weds but till some decent sets for the beaches receptive to 210-215 degree angle.

If things go as planned we’ll also see a decent burst of NW wind swell with the best West facing breaks seeing chest to shoulder high peaks.

The combo beach breaks could be pretty fun but we kick things off in the hloe with a minus tide a little after first light!

2015-06-04 Thu 05:31 AM -0.86 feet Low Tide
2015-06-04 Thu 05:43 AM Sunrise
2015-06-04 Thu 07:44 AM Moonset
2015-06-04 Thu 12:03 PM 3.81 feet High Tide
2015-06-04 Thu 04:42 PM 2.11 feet Low Tide
2015-06-04 Thu 08:01 PM Sunset
2015-06-04 Thu 09:57 PM Moonrise
2015-06-04 Thu 10:56 PM 5.96 feet High Tide

The conditions could go either way with variable S/SE/SSE, 4-10 MPH breezes until 11AM and 10-12 MPH in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 70 degrees and there’s a meager 10% chance of rain.

The current water temps Newport 62 degrees, Huntington 62 degrees, the South Bay showed as 62 degrees, Santa Monica 64 degrees and Malibu 62 degrees.

I’ll be back on Monday with the next update!