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HURRICANE WATCH October 19th, 2014

– Hurricane Ana is tracking northwest a little over 100 miles south of the Hawaiian Islands and will pass by to the south of all the islands. Ana is moving over warm water and should maintain hurricane strength today. Increased wind shear is then expected to impinge on the tropical cyclone and Ana is expected to gradually weaken on Monday before potentially strengthening again over the open Pacific during the middle of the week.

Impacts to the Hawaiian islands will vary among individual islands. For most areas, heavy rain will be the biggest impact with locally strong winds. The worst impacts are expected to be across southern Kauai where heavy rainfall may trigger isolated mudslides and flooding.

In the eastern Pacific, Trudy is no longer a viable tropical system and remains over southern Mexico. Trudy made landfall on Saturday morning and the remnant low will continue to weaken and move farther inland today. Heavy rainfall will target the southern Mexican coast and could cause flooding and mudslides over the next couple of days across the states of Oaxaca and Guerrero.

I’m going to call today “Opening Day” for the Winter Swell season and I’m sure anyone that was out at El Porto this morning would nod their collective heads in agreement. For a wind swell, it sure packed a frickin’ punch, and I took more than my fair share of beatings today. It wasn’t even double overhead, but it was relentless and made for a brutal paddle out… over and over and over! If nothing else it was nice to take those adrenalin glands out of hibernation for a morning. It looks like there’s some potent ground swell headed our way for Tuesday and the NPAC is lit up like a freshly hooked Dorado. Things could start to get interesting! Stay Tuned!

For Monday morning we’ll see what’s left of wind swell. It was much bigger and more consistent than anyone had anticipated so it’s difficult to tell what will happen tomorrow. Every now and then Mother Nature will throw you a curve ball so check the buoys and check the cams in the AM. These wind swells sometimes pack their bags and head out of town as quickly as they came.

The exciting news is that some fresh, 16-17 second interval NW energy will push down the line from a 300 degree angle and a few scout sets should start showing up late morning and continue until sundown.

2014-10-20 Mon 01:47 AM 1.03 feet Low Tide
2014-10-20 Mon 04:03 AM Moonrise
2014-10-20 Mon 07:03 AM Sunrise
2014-10-20 Mon 08:07 AM 5.13 feet High Tide
2014-10-20 Mon 02:19 PM 1.12 feet Low Tide
2014-10-20 Mon 04:31 PM Moonset
2014-10-20 Mon 06:13 PM Sunset
2014-10-20 Mon 08:16 PM 4.67 feet High Tide

The conditions look okay with light winds in the 1-3 MPH zone until noon and then those get up to 9-11 MPH out of the West later in the day. The air temp tops out at 72 degrees.

For Tuesday morning that building swell should hit stride with head high to a few feet overhead waves for the top West facing breaks. This surf will have a bit of swagger with the long intervals so be ready to deal with a little power. I’m no fortune teller, but when I peer into my crystal ball I see block long closeouts for the South Bay beach breaks. A point or reef will likely be the call for this one.

2014-10-21 Tue 02:13 AM 1.10 feet Low Tide
2014-10-21 Tue 04:58 AM Moonrise
2014-10-21 Tue 07:04 AM Sunrise
2014-10-21 Tue 08:28 AM 5.39 feet High Tide
2014-10-21 Tue 02:50 PM 0.73 feet Low Tide
2014-10-21 Tue 05:04 PM Moonset
2014-10-21 Tue 06:12 PM Sunset
2014-10-21 Tue 08:51 PM 4.68 feet High Tide

The conditions look okay with variable winds, out of the East, in the 1-4 MPH zone until 11AM and then those get up to 9-11 MPH out of the West later in the day. The air temp tops out at 74 degrees.

For Wednesday morning that same swell will continue to crank out head high to overhead sets through the morning and then very slowly ease up into the afternoon. This ground swell will continue to roll in from 295-300 degree angle.

2014-10-22 Wed 02:38 AM 1.20 feet Low Tide
2014-10-22 Wed 05:53 AM Moonrise
2014-10-22 Wed 07:04 AM Sunrise
2014-10-22 Wed 08:51 AM 5.63 feet High Tide
2014-10-22 Wed 03:22 PM 0.40 feet Low Tide
2014-10-22 Wed 05:38 PM Moonset
2014-10-22 Wed 06:11 PM Sunset
2014-10-22 Wed 09:27 PM 4.64 feet High Tide

The conditions look pretty good with NNE winds in the 5-8 MPH zone until 11AM and then those get up to 10-12 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp jumps up to 77 degrees.

For Thursday morning, that ground swell will continue to produce some decent surf as less consistent, chest to head high sets continue to march into the best West facing breaks. The swell angle remains right around 300 degrees.

2014-10-23 Thu 03:03 AM 1.35 feet Low Tide
2014-10-23 Thu 06:50 AM Moonrise
2014-10-23 Thu 07:05 AM Sunrise
2014-10-23 Thu 09:16 AM 5.82 feet High Tide
2014-10-23 Thu 02:56 PM New Moon
2014-10-23 Thu 03:55 PM 0.15 feet Low Tide
2014-10-23 Thu 06:10 PM Sunset
2014-10-23 Thu 06:15 PM Moonset
2014-10-23 Thu 10:04 PM 4.52 feet High Tide

The conditions look good as high pressure promotes a clean ocean surface. We’ll see N/NNE breezes in the 3-6 MPH zone until noon and then those only get up to 8-10 MPH in the afternoon. The air temp heats up to 83 degrees.

The current water temps Newport 69 degrees, Huntington 70 degrees, the South Bay showed as 70 degrees, Santa Monica 69 degrees and Malibu 71 degrees.

I’ll be back on Monday with the latest scoop!