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A cluster of showers and thunderstorms located about 460 miles south-southwest of Manzanillo, Mexico, currently shows no signs of development. That may change in a few days as this area moves slowly westward. Elsewhere, there are no other organized features in the eastern Pacific.

Friday morning the new NW energy will fade, but should still be good for some waist high plus sets for the top West facing breaks.

That SW swell should peak in the AM and hold in the waist to chest high plus range for the better South facing breaks. The angle of this swell is a fairly liberal 195 degrees and should be best for the OC/San O’ areas as well as all the kelp laden points in Northern LA county.

It won’t be anything too dynamic but there will be waves and the offshore winds will blow all day long!

The tides brutally high at 9:24 AM with a 6.14 foot high, so expect most breaks to slow down a bit.

2013-10-04 Fri 03:13 AM 0.59 feet Low Tide
2013-10-04 Fri 06:24 AM Moonrise
2013-10-04 Fri 06:45 AM Sunrise
2013-10-04 Fri 09:24 AM 6.14 feet High Tide
2013-10-04 Fri 03:45 PM 0.13 feet Low Tide
2013-10-04 Fri 05:34 PM New Moon
2013-10-04 Fri 06:16 PM Moonset
2013-10-04 Fri 06:28 PM Sunset
2013-10-04 Fri 09:51 PM 5.41 feet High Tide

The conditions look fantastic with winds out of the E/NE, in the 10-25 MPH zone, (stronger between passes and canyons), throughout the day The air temp will top out at 81 degrees.

For Saturday morningthings will be on the decline as all energy dips down. The West facing breaks should go waist high plus and the better SW facing beaches will see continued waist to chest high sets.

2013-10-05 Sat 03:40 AM 0.78 feet Low Tide
2013-10-05 Sat 06:45 AM Sunrise
2013-10-05 Sat 07:25 AM Moonrise
2013-10-05 Sat 09:52 AM 6.38 feet High Tide
2013-10-05 Sat 04:22 PM -0.12 feet Low Tide
2013-10-05 Sat 06:27 PM Sunset
2013-10-05 Sat 06:55 PM Moonset
2013-10-05 Sat 10:30 PM 5.17 feet High Tide

The conditions look excellent with strong winds out of the NE, in the 10-20 MPH, (stronger between passes and canyons), zone all day long. The air temp will get up to a toasty 86 degrees on the sand.

By Sunday morningwe’ll dip down back into the feeble zone with knee to waist high surf most everywhere. There should be be some inconsistent sets coming in out of the SW. There’s a nice tide push through the early morning hours and with excellent weather it still might be nice to get out there and roll the dice.

2013-10-06 Sun 04:10 AM 1.06 feet Low Tide
2013-10-06 Sun 06:46 AM Sunrise
2013-10-06 Sun 08:28 AM Moonrise
2013-10-06 Sun 10:23 AM 6.51 feet High Tide
2013-10-06 Sun 05:03 PM -0.23 feet Low Tide
2013-10-06 Sun 06:26 PM Sunset
2013-10-06 Sun 07:37 PM Moonset
2013-10-06 Sun 11:14 PM 4.82 feet High Tide

The conditions look great with winds out of the E/NE, in the 2-10 MPH zone until noon and 10-14 MPH winds out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp will top out at 79 degrees.

The current water temps Newport 68 degrees, Huntington 66 degrees, the South Bay showed as 64 degrees, Santa Monica 64 degrees and Malibu 64 degrees.

I’ll be back on Friday with the next update!