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HURRICANE WATCH: Tropical Depression 18 has formed in the eastern Pacific, over 1,600 miles southwest of the southern tip of Baja California. It is also over 1,600 miles southeast of Hawaii. Maximum sustained winds are now about 35 mph, but it is expected to reach tropical storm strength later today. Once this happens it will be named Nora.

The system is expected to continue to strengthen over the next few days as it moves generally westward. It may reach hurricane strength later in the weekend. The storm will likely curve northward early next week before it gets close to Hawaii. So it will have no direct impact on land through at least the first part of next week.
Oho is a non-tropical cyclone and is moving northward today. It will continue to weaken through the weekend. Oho will bring gusty winds and heavy rainfall to portions of western and northern British Columbia as well as southeastern Alaska today through tonight.

Saturday looks even better with a myriad of swells in the water out of the SW between 200-205 degrees. The better South facing breaks should see sets in chest to head high + zone.

We’ll also welcome energy from what was Hurricane Oho as she dishes up 14-15 second interval swell from an angle of 255-260 degrees, (which we almost never see). This should be good for chest to head high sets at the top spots and due to the Westerly angle, pay a visit to almost every nook and cranny on the coast.

Tons of swell out there folks so just work around the high tide and smoking hot air temps.

2015-10-10 Sat 02:30 AM 0.79 feet Low Tide
2015-10-10 Sat 04:51 AM Moonrise
2015-10-10 Sat 06:55 AM Sunrise
2015-10-10 Sat 08:45 AM 5.19 feet High Tide
2015-10-10 Sat 02:51 PM 1.03 feet Low Tide
2015-10-10 Sat 05:24 PM Moonset
2015-10-10 Sat 06:26 PM Sunset
2015-10-10 Sat 08:51 PM 4.96 feet High Tide

The conditions look great with variable breezes out of the East in the 4-6 MPH zone until noon and 9-11 MPH out of the SW in the afternoon. The air temp jumps up a click to a mind numbing 92 degrees on the sand.

Sunday looks like another solid day for waves as the band plays on. All of our current energy will back down through the day but the morning should dish up plenty of fun sets in the chest to shoulder high range with some head high plus waves at the stand outs! South facing breaks will definitely have the most size and consistency!

2015-10-11 Sun 02:54 AM 0.95 feet Low Tide
2015-10-11 Sun 05:44 AM Moonrise
2015-10-11 Sun 06:55 AM Sunrise
2015-10-11 Sun 09:06 AM 5.34 feet High Tide
2015-10-11 Sun 03:22 PM 0.79 feet Low Tide
2015-10-11 Sun 05:55 PM Moonset
2015-10-11 Sun 06:25 PM Sunset
2015-10-11 Sun 09:24 PM 4.87 feet High Tide

The conditions look okay with variable breezes in the 1-3 MPH zone until noon and 17-10 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp dips to a still balmy 86 degrees.

Monday should be pretty good with a SW swell a NW swell and some fresh, long interval SW fills in through the day.

Swell 1. SW with 14+ second intervals from a 200 degree angle.

Swell 2. NW with 12-14 second intervals from a 295 degree angle

*Swell 3. SW with 17-19 second intervals from a 220 degree angle, (will fill in through the day).

Plenty of waves out there my friends! Should be breaking everywhere! Happy Hunting!

2015-10-12 Mon 03:17 AM 1.13 feet Low Tide
2015-10-12 Mon 06:37 AM Moonrise
2015-10-12 Mon 06:56 AM Sunrise
2015-10-12 Mon 09:28 AM 5.46 feet High Tide
2015-10-12 Mon 03:52 PM 0.61 feet Low Tide
2015-10-12 Mon 05:06 PM New Moon
2015-10-12 Mon 06:23 PM Sunset
2015-10-12 Mon 06:28 PM Moonset
2015-10-12 Mon 09:56 PM 4.72 feet High Tide

The conditions look great with variable breezes out of the East in the 1-4 MPH zone until noon and mild 6-8 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp will be a toasty 85 degrees on the sand.

Tuesday looks like another pretty good day for waves as that SW swell from 220 degrees peaks in the morning with 16-18 second intervals and continues to pulse through the day. This should create chest to shoulder high plus sets for the better South facing beaches.

We’ll also see that NW energy be in play for the AM and slowly fads out through the day.

2015-10-13 Tue 03:40 AM 1.34 feet Low Tide
2015-10-13 Tue 06:57 AM Sunrise
2015-10-13 Tue 07:30 AM Moonrise
2015-10-13 Tue 09:51 AM 5.53 feet High Tide
2015-10-13 Tue 04:23 PM 0.51 feet Low Tide
2015-10-13 Tue 06:22 PM Sunset
2015-10-13 Tue 07:01 PM Moonset
2015-10-13 Tue 10:30 PM 4.51 feet High Tide

The conditions look fair with variable breezes in the 1-4 MPH zone until noon and mild 6-8 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp backs down to 81 degrees.

The current water temps Newport 74 degrees, Huntington 70 degrees, the South Bay showed as 73 degrees, Santa Monica 72 degrees and Malibu 73 degrees.

I’ll be back on Sunday with the next update!