For Saturday morning that steep NW energy will hold and dish up continued head high to OH surf for the exposed West facing breaks.

We’re also due another burst of energy, (which should fill in mid day or so), and this swell will roll in from a slightly more liberal angle of 295-305 degrees with powerful 15-16 second intervals.

The better West facing breaks should see head high + sets early and the size and consistency will only increase as the day wears on. The sea surface should be pretty smooth all day long as our run of clean conditions continues on.

2018-12-15 Sat 03:49 AM First Quarter
2018-12-15 Sat 04:15 AM 4.16 feet High Tide
2018-12-15 Sat 06:52 AM Sunrise
2018-12-15 Sat 10:18 AM 2.69 feet Low Tide
2018-12-15 Sat 12:29 PM Moonrise
2018-12-15 Sat 03:02 PM 3.42 feet High Tide
2018-12-15 Sat 04:46 PM Sunset
2018-12-15 Sat 09:42 PM 1.21 feet Low Tide

The conditions look fabulous with variable winds at 1-5 MPH all day long, (leaning towards offshore in the morning hours). The air temp tops out at 67 degrees.

For Sunday morning we’ll see the leftover NW swell combine with the new energy and pepper the best West facing breaks with head high + sets. The intervals will clock in around 14-16 seconds from a 295-310 degree angle.

2018-12-16 Sun 12:28 AM Moonset
2018-12-16 Sun 04:49 AM 4.51 feet High Tide
2018-12-16 Sun 06:52 AM Sunrise
2018-12-16 Sun 11:20 AM 2.09 feet Low Tide
2018-12-16 Sun 01:00 PM Moonrise
2018-12-16 Sun 04:33 PM 3.35 feet High Tide
2018-12-16 Sun 04:46 PM Sunset
2018-12-16 Sun 10:29 PM 1.36 feet Low Tide

The conditions look great again with variable breezes at 1-5 MPH all day long and the air temp tops out at 64 degrees.

For Monday morning a Booming NW swell will roar into So Cal and light up any spot with a look at the West. Ths swell will be a deep water, 6.5 foot beast, from a 295-300 degree angle and Widow-Maker 20 second + intervals. Based on this mornings wave models we should see head high to OH surf early, but keep your head on a swivel, as DOH to nearly TOH sets will start rolling in mid to late morning. The top spots should loosely resemble a Navy Seal training exercise and will not be kind to those pseudo surfers suffering from Costcosis or anyone using an oar, (JOB and Kai Lenny excluded). The Beach breaks may be a tough proposition… I would seek out a point, reef or a beach that muffles the swell intensity a hair. Be careful out there… looks like lots of sneaker sets will be served for lunch!

2018-12-17 Mon 01:25 AM Moonset
2018-12-17 Mon 05:19 AM 4.90 feet High Tide
2018-12-17 Mon 06:53 AM Sunrise
2018-12-17 Mon 12:04 PM 1.41 feet Low Tide
2018-12-17 Mon 01:31 PM Moonrise
2018-12-17 Mon 04:47 PM Sunset
2018-12-17 Mon 05:43 PM 3.44 feet High Tide
2018-12-17 Mon 11:11 PM 1.47 feet Low Tide

The conditions look pretty good even with a chance of rain. We’re slated to see variable breezes at 1-3 MPH until noon and 6-8 MPH winds out of the West in the afternoon. There’s a 50% chance of rain and the air temp tops dips to 61 degrees.

For Tuesday morning we’ll see a slightly more user friendly version of Monday as the energy very slowly dissipates throughout the day. The swell will continue to show its’ teeth with OH to DOH sets for the exposed West facing breaks, (with some larger bone crunching stragglers looking for blood). Once again, the beach breaks maybe unruly so find a spot that suits your skill level or just go buy one of those Dorian inflatible vests and hope for the best!

Anyway, be careful out there. Looks like a few exciting sessions coming up!

2018-12-18 Tue 02:24 AM Moonset
2018-12-18 Tue 05:49 AM 5.34 feet High Tide
2018-12-18 Tue 06:53 AM Sunrise
2018-12-18 Tue 12:43 PM 0.72 feet Low Tide
2018-12-18 Tue 02:05 PM Moonrise
2018-12-18 Tue 04:47 PM Sunset
2018-12-18 Tue 06:41 PM 3.60 feet High Tide
2018-12-18 Tue 11:51 PM 1.56 feet Low Tide

The conditions look to be tolerable with N/NW breezes at 1-6 MPH all day long. The air temp climbs up to 65 degrees.

Water temps are as follows, (day of 4CAST update) and are as follows: Malibu 61 Santa Monica 62 South Bay 61, Huntington 58, Newport 62.

The next 4CAST will be posted on Sunday!

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