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In the East Pacific, Hurricane Sergio is moving west-southwest and remains over relatively warm water and as a result it has intensified some during the past few hours. Sergio will remain a major hurricane through tonight and perhaps through tomorrow as it remains over warm water. Gradual weakening trend will continue through early next week.

Leslie is projected to move on a more northeasterly course later next week. This motion will take what is left of the tropical cyclone toward the Baja Peninsula where it could make landfall sometime late next week, probably as a tropical storm or depression. Moisture from Sergio should expand over northwestern Mexico and the southwestern United States late next week, leading to the potential for heavy rainfall.

Elsewhere across the East Pacific, an area of disturbed weather in and around a broad area of low pressure off the west coast of Central America is being monitored for possible development this weekend or early next week.

For Saturday morning we will see that Hurricane Sergio swell peak with shoulder to head high + sets for the top South facing breaks. The angle should swing out a bit wider to 175-180 degrees with 14-15 second intervals. The best bet will be to find an exposed South facing beach with the OC and San O’ areas being the best bet… *but all the Points and Reefs on the North end of the Santa Monica Bay and beyond should be firing too. I heard that Zuma had some ridiculous barrels this morning!

We will also continue to see short to medium interval NW swell, (295-300 degrees and 12-13 second intervals), as well as SW swell, (from that same 220 degrees with 15-16 second intervals). Once again the combo of swells should make things interesting. You may have to sniff around a bit to find something good but definitely look for Southern exposed beaches!

2018-10-06 Sat 01:56 AM -0.28 feet Low Tide
2018-10-06 Sat 04:02 AM Moonrise
2018-10-06 Sat 06:52 AM Sunrise
2018-10-06 Sat 08:20 AM 5.25 feet High Tide
2018-10-06 Sat 02:04 PM 1.13 feet Low Tide
2018-10-06 Sat 05:25 PM Moonset
2018-10-06 Sat 06:31 PM Sunset
2018-10-06 Sat 08:06 PM 5.98 feet High Tide

The conditions should be fair with variable breezes out of the East at 1-4 MPH until 11:00AM and then 6-9 MPH winds out of the SW in the afternoon. The air temp jumps up to 74 degrees.

For Sunday morning we’ll see that Hurricane energy take a temporary dip down into the chest to shoulder high zone from 180-190 degrees and 14-15 second intervals.

In conjunction with that fading Sergio swell, we’ll see some fresh short to medium interval NW energy mix in, (305-310 degrees and 8-10 second intervals), and dish up waves in the chest high zone.

Lastly we’ll see a continued slow fade from that SW energy which will remain at a liberal angle of 220 degrees with 14-15 second intervals.

Once again all of the South facing breaks should be open for business. Happy Hunting!

2018-10-07 Sun 02:34 AM -0.22 feet Low Tide
2018-10-07 Sun 05:09 AM Moonrise
2018-10-07 Sun 06:53 AM Sunrise
2018-10-07 Sun 08:52 AM 5.61 feet High Tide
2018-10-07 Sun 02:49 PM 0.61 feet Low Tide
2018-10-07 Sun 06:03 PM Moonset
2018-10-07 Sun 06:29 PM Sunset
2018-10-07 Sun 08:53 PM 5.92 feet High Tide

The conditions look fair with variable breezes at 1-3 MPH until 10:00AM and 6-10 MPH out of the SW in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 69 degrees.

For Monday morning we’ll see Hurricane Sergio surgio again, as he gets his proverbial 2nd wind and the swell picks up steam throughout the day. The angle will swing out to a much wider 195 degrees and 13-14 second intervals and should creep into any beach that gets a sniff out of the South.

We’ll also see some leftover, smallish, SW energy courtesy of the previous SW swell, from that same 220 degrees and 13-14 second intervals.

The West facing breaks should continue to be peppered by waist to chest high +, short to medium interval NW swell from a steep 305-310 degree angle.

2018-10-08 Mon 03:10 AM 0.01 feet Low Tide
2018-10-08 Mon 06:16 AM Moonrise
2018-10-08 Mon 06:53 AM Sunrise
2018-10-08 Mon 09:24 AM 5.88 feet High Tide
2018-10-08 Mon 03:34 PM 0.24 feet Low Tide
2018-10-08 Mon 06:28 PM Sunset
2018-10-08 Mon 06:40 PM Moonset
2018-10-08 Mon 08:47 PM New Moon
2018-10-08 Mon 09:39 PM 5.69 feet High Tide

The conditions look a little iffy with Southerly, (maybe SSE hopefully), breezes at 3-8 MPH until noon and 8-11 MPH out of the SW in the afternoon. The air temp holds at 69 degrees.

For Tuesday morning Hurricane Sergio surf continues to increase and cranks out head high to OH surf for the better South facing breaks. The angle shift to 200 degrees and the interval increases to 15 seconds.

The NW wind swell will dip into the waist high plus zone with 9-10 second intervals from 310 degrees.

2018-10-09 Tue 03:44 AM 0.37 feet Low Tide
2018-10-09 Tue 06:54 AM Sunrise
2018-10-09 Tue 07:21 AM Moonrise
2018-10-09 Tue 09:56 AM 6.03 feet High Tide
2018-10-09 Tue 04:17 PM 0.04 feet Low Tide
2018-10-09 Tue 06:27 PM Sunset
2018-10-09 Tue 07:16 PM Moonset
2018-10-09 Tue 10:25 PM 5.31 feet High Tide

The conditions look pretty good the with SE/SSE breezes at 4-7 MPH until noon and 6-8 MPH out of the SW in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 69 degrees and a 10% chance of rain.

Water temps are as follows, (day of 4CAST update) and are as follows: Malibu 66, Santa Monica 66 South Bay 68, Huntington 63, Newport 65.

The next 4CAST will be posted on Sunday!

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