Today’s Slideshow is courtesy of Ruben Pina -The South Bay 11-19-12




Well… still nothing really exciting to talk about as far as our Winter swell season is concerned. This is as lackluster a November as I’ve ever seen, with not one notable swell yet. On the glass is half full side of things, at least the flat spell has been interrupted for the time being. Very crowded and closed out at the beach breaks in the South Bay, but at least there’s something to ride. I’m going to try and stay positive for at least another week or 2, but if we don’t see some kind of a wrecking ball swell move in soon all bets are off. This mild El Nino we’re supposed to see is more of an El None yo… get off your fat ass Mother Nature and get busy!

By Tuesday morning the SW energy will be insignificant and the NW swell will drop off quickly. The best West facing breaks will dip into the waist high plus zone.

2012-11-20 Tue 03:29 AM 4.51 feet High Tide
2012-11-20 Tue 06:31 AM Sunrise
2012-11-20 Tue 06:32 AM First Quarter
2012-11-20 Tue 09:11 AM 2.48 feet Low Tide
2012-11-20 Tue 12:17 PM Moonrise
2012-11-20 Tue 02:41 PM 4.28 feet High Tide
2012-11-20 Tue 04:47 PM Sunset
2012-11-20 Tue 09:28 PM 0.65 feet Low Tide

The conditions look a little sketchy, but shouldn’t be too bad. We’re looking at variable breezes out of the North at 1-4 MPH until noon and West winds to 12 MPH until dark. We’ll see a high air temp of 65 degrees.

Wednesday morning will see surf in the waist high plus zone for the better West facing breaks for the AM, with some small, inconsistent, SW energy also in the mix. The good news is that some new, NW energy will start to show late in the day and be in play for Thursday morning.

2012-11-21 Wed 12:12 AM Moonset
2012-11-21 Wed 04:24 AM 4.84 feet High Tide
2012-11-21 Wed 06:32 AM Sunrise
2012-11-21 Wed 10:40 AM 1.96 feet Low Tide
2012-11-21 Wed 12:50 PM Moonrise
2012-11-21 Wed 04:12 PM 3.98 feet High Tide
2012-11-21 Wed 04:47 PM Sunset
2012-11-21 Wed 10:24 PM 0.99 feet Low Tide

The conditions will be mediocre, with early, Westerly winds in the 2-5 MPH. They won’t get up to much more that 10 MPH in the afternoon, but onshores are onshores. Look for a high air temp of 67 degrees.

Thanksgiving Thursday morning should see a slight bump in size for the West facing breaks as we see some fresh, shoulder to head high sets for the better West facing breaks. There will also be some waist high plus sets out of the SW so it’ll be a good morning to go work up an appetite for a big Thanksgiving dinner.

2012-11-22 Thu 01:11 AM Moonset
2012-11-22 Thu 05:09 AM 5.17 feet High Tide
2012-11-22 Thu 06:33 AM Sunrise
2012-11-22 Thu 11:45 AM 1.35 feet Low Tide
2012-11-22 Thu 01:21 PM Moonrise
2012-11-22 Thu 04:46 PM Sunset
2012-11-22 Thu 05:30 PM 3.87 feet High Tide
2012-11-22 Thu 11:12 PM 1.30 feet Low Tide

The conditions should be okay with variable, 4-8 MPH breezes out of the N/NE until 11AM and 6-9 MPH winds out of the West throughout the afternoon. Look for a high air temp of 70 degrees.

For Friday morning the NW energy will continue to drum up chest to shoulder high sets for the best West facing breaks for the morning session. The swell will back off through the day, but with high pressure in place the conditions should remain good all day long.

2012-11-23 Fri 02:08 AM Moonset
2012-11-23 Fri 05:46 AM 5.45 feet High Tide
2012-11-23 Fri 06:34 AM Sunrise
2012-11-23 Fri 12:35 PM 0.81 feet Low Tide
2012-11-23 Fri 01:53 PM Moonrise
2012-11-23 Fri 04:46 PM Sunset
2012-11-23 Fri 06:33 PM 3.85 feet High Tide
2012-11-23 Fri 11:53 PM 1.57 feet Low Tide

The conditions look fantastic with NNE winds in the 7-9 MPH range until around noon and fairly tame, 6-9 MPH breezes out of the West in the afternoon. Look for an comfortable air temp of 73 degrees.

The current water temps are as follows – Newport 58 degrees, Huntington 59 degrees, the South Bay showed as 61 degrees, Santa Monica 59 degrees and Malibu 58 degrees.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with the 5DAY 4CAST.