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The Best Smartphone Games to Play While Waiting for a Large Swell\


While watching surf cams is a great thing to do to gain an idea of a particular location before venturing there, the conditions can change quickly and surfing most definitely isn’t on the cards. Thankfully, while you’re waiting for the conditions to improve, your smartphone device is capable of keeping you entertained for a good while. 

In the modern environment, as well as reading surfing blogs and watching surfing competitions on YouTube, people explore a variety of mobile games. Mobile gaming is portable and therefore convenient, the games people can access have been dramatically enhanced in recent times, it’s cheap and doesn’t break the bank, and it can provide genuine entertainment for a short while as games can be dipped in and out of with ease. Thankfully, for surfers, there are some solid options to explore to pass a bit of time before the surf’s up again. 

Some games are strictly surfing-related, while others are water-based and serve up plenty of fun for the average smartphone gamer. So, without further ado, let’s assess a range of impressive smartphone games to play while you’re waiting for a large swell.


Surf Master is perfect for surfers 


As you’ve probably guessed, given the name of the game, Surf Master serves up all-action surfing for gamers to get stuck into. Featuring a variety of well-known surfing spots around the world, the aim of the game in this one is to showcase your skillset by nailing various tricks and the like, with your surfing characters taking part in numerous competitions around the world. The game’s graphics are impressive, the gameplay is solid, and Surf Master does a great job of bringing an unfiltered surfing experience straight to a portable smartphone device. 


The Pearl Diver game features stunning graphics 


Offering eye-catching visuals and stunning graphics, the Pearl Diver game is a beautiful release to session for an hour or two. Also boasting world-class features, taking a diving trip in this pleasurable game is well worth it. The game takes players on a deep dive as they witness pearls and a variety of underwater inhabitants that become the main symbols of the game. A fun title to play that takes minutes to master, this much-loved product by Booongo is a joy to sample, particularly if you’re after something a little bit different. 


BCM Surfing Game is impressively realistic 


Back to a product that is strictly surfing related, with BCM Surfing Game serving up a truly realistic surfing escapade to enjoy. Featuring real locations to get familiar with and tricks to smash, this game is all about improving as a surfer and rising up the ranks to become a familiar face in the surfing world. Offering straightforward controls and lovely visuals that provide surfers with an authentic surfing package, BCM Surfing Game is one of the most realistic games from this particular genre. While it isn’t perfect, it deserves some of your time. 

Ultimate Fishing Simulator is a blast 

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While surfers will understandably take to surfing-themed products, there are plenty of games that are water-based that warrant a download. One of them is Ultimate Fishing Simulator, a game where players catch fish in a virtual environment and fish like crazy. Whether your preference is spinning or float fishing, there is a plethora of big fish to catch in this one, while the game’s realistic and clean graphics make for an even more impressive fishing-themed adventure. 

Other games to explore include Subnautica, Subway Surfers, Water Racing, Beach Buggy Racing, Water Polo Game, Mario Kart Tour, Ancient Surfer, Surf Boom, and Top Boat: Racing Simulator 3D.