komodo island

The Magical Wonders of The World, Sailing To Komodo

Komodo is located at the heart of the Indonesia archipelago. It consists of three major islands Radar, Komodo, Rinca.

Eye-catching Sceneries

Sailing trip to Komodo is one of the few remaining sailing trips in the world that you will aspire for. Anybody who has sailed through this amazing journey can bear witness to how the sailing journey changes one’s imagination.

On sailing to Komodo one is ushered into some exciting natural sceneries only found in Indonesia. The fascinating waterways as you meander the Indonesian waters are something not found anywhere in the world.

Indonesia has one of the best excursion journeys through the sea, river, and ocean channels as you head to Komodo. The way you associate with nature at its best is something one can never regret forging for.

The Komodo Dragons

Komodo is the only place in the whole world that has existing dragons. The dragons of Komodo have existed since time immemorial. The hidden treasure of Komodo ushers one to breathtaking creatures which elevate your thinking and imagination.

Having a connection with the world’s best of the best is something you won’t regret. Upon arrival at Rinca island, you will be ushered to a view of these spectacular world lizards that have is turning nature into something extraordinary. The giant lizards display resilience, perseverance, and patience which has existed for them to survive the harsh terrains and avoid extinction.

UNESCO Heritage

Komodo National Park has been listed as a world heritage. This is because the giant lizards are only found in Komodo. The listing of the Komodo park has elevated the Komodo National Park status from a simple park to an extraordinary one.

All efforts are being directed at ensuring that the world heritage is preserved and well protected from all human activities that could cause the fall of the world’s best of the best.

The Blue Waters
Indonesia has some of the few undisturbed waterways and water canals. Sailing through some of these waters will lead you to get in touch with the virgin seaways and water channel canals like you have never felt before.

You can either choose to travel by steamboats or large ships which takes a shorter period to reach the water the Komodo Islands.

Fun Activities
Komodo Island gets you in touch with very amazing natural flora and fauna that have existed peacefully devoid of all human activities. The natural trees and shrubs of Komodo are considered some of the natural forests in the world that existed over a long period.

There are only a few trees and shrubs that are existing currently in the whole world because most have been interfered with because of human activities. On Komodo Island, you could participate in fun activities such as swimming, surfing, paragliding to name but a few. Komodo Island is seeking to expand these activities to create room for the increasing number of tourists visiting the national park.

The sailing journey to Komodo Island is considerably cheaper in all aspects. Using all means of transport from steamboats and large ships, one can enjoy the wonders of the world with just a few bucks.

Indonesia’s hotels in Baja and surrounding towns that lead to the Island are cheaper as well. They offer high-end hotel services with five-star ratings all at cheap pricing. Booking early for the sailing trip is the best thing you could do to avoid the last-minute rush.


Looking for some of the best sailings in the world? Look no further because sailing to Komodo is one of the fascinating trips that will remain pinned in your mind forever.

Everything about this sailing journey is superb and awesome from pricing to the breathtaking feel of nature. Consider sailing to Komodo Island as some of the trips you put priority in your listings to experience some of the world’s amazing sailing trips. You won’t regret sailing to Komodo Island. https://www.ayana.com/labuan-bajo/ayana-lakodia