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The Role of Kelly Slater Wave Pool in the Surf Life in the United Arab Emirates


In the world of surfing, the opening of the Kelly Slater Wave Pool is an incredible event. Wave lovers in Abu Dhabi will soon be able to enjoy this incredible location. Not only locals but also visitors to the city or the UAE will be able to visit this location. A little piece of advice order to get to this pool and deliver all the necessary equipment, take care of an extensive car. A good idea is to find a reputable service like  where you can rent a car, choosing one from the catalog of SUVs. It is best to take a large SUV, where you can not only put the equipment for surfing or swimming but also take the company for a great holiday. 

The public developer of this project is Modon Properties. The latter claims to be the largest:

  • amusement ride;
  • surf barrel;
  • an artificial body of water. 

The creators of the project plan to make it the most advanced surf park in the world. Kelly Slater and a huge number of other professional surfers managed to test it and were very satisfied. Modon Properties decided to create an incredible wave in a country where surfing is developing. And it has managed it very successfully so far. 


Where the Kelly Slater Pool is located and how to get to it most easily


Abu Dhabi is the luxury capital of the UAE. Kelly Slater’s artificial pool is located on Hudairiyat Island. Currently, there is no shuttle service or a full-fledged public transport system. Therefore, it is most convenient to find a car rental company that will provide you with a means of transport for a day, a week, or more. However, paying attention not to sports cars but to spacious SUVs, with enough space for equipment and other things you may need, is better. 

If you are visiting Abu Dhabi just to have a great time in the artificial pool, it is best to use a car rental service. The road from Zayed International Airport to Hudairiyat Island will take only 20-25 minutes.


How Kelly Slater’s Artificial Wave Pool Influenced World Surfing


Kelly Slater’s first pool was built in the farming town of Lemoore,  located in central California. Its creation has greatly impacted world surfing over the past 10 years. It has made surfers consider winning a world title feasible in an artificial pool. But in California, the pool hasn’t made a significant impact. Professional surfers, rich people and those with great connections have been the ones who have taken to it the most. At the same time, many surfers could not do their favourite activity in this location because of the incredibly high price – 1 day in this place was $5000-7000 for 1 person.

If Modon Properties sets the same rates for an artificial pool in Abu Dhabi, then the effect of the location’s opening will most likely be the same as in California. It is worth considering that surfers will have to spend not only a day in the pool but also on a board and a vehicle for the required period of time. 


What Kelly Slater Wave Pool offers surfers


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As Modon Properties points out, Surf Abu Dhabi will be the world’s huge and technologically advanced artificial wave entertainment complex. It is an incredible venue created in collaboration with Kelly Slater Wave Co. that offers a unique surfing experience:

  • world’s longest slide;
  • the biggest barrel;
  • a huge artificial wave pool that has no parallel in the world.

It is a truly unique surfing complex that perfectly emphasises the entertainment and sporting opportunities of Abu Dhabi and, indeed, the whole of the UAE. It is designed to attract surfing novices and professionals from all over the country. It’s no wonder that after familiarising yourself with the possibilities of this pool, you will want to find a car rental service in Abu Dhabi to prepare for your future trip. 

This place can be considered an ideal location for big international surfing events. In addition, the pool contributes to the surfing community locally and globally.


When to expect the opening


According to the official press release, the opening is scheduled for 2024.  All that remains to be done is to watch the announcements. In the meantime, many surfers are already excited about the imminent opening. Experts predict that this pool should be an excellent addition to ocean surfing in Dubai. At the same time, no one is limiting you in your choices. You can get a rental car to try it all, whether it’s conquering the waves in the artificial pool or enjoying the shores of the Persian Gulf. Ensure your freedom of movement, and everything will be perfect.