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Travel for Students: The Most Popular U.S. Beach Resorts

The U.S. has a unique culture, interesting history, and a special geographical location. Because of this, there are many interesting places for tourists and a variety of climates – from the Arctic to the tropics. But for a beach holiday, most Americans choose the South.

The coasts of the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico are huge beaches stretching for thousands of kilometers. But the top spots in the tourist rankings are shared among Hawaii, Florida, and California.

Hawaii is the “kingdom of eternal spring” and unique nature, which every American dream to visit at least once in his life. Its 132 islands and atolls have beautiful waters and unforgettable natural beauty. But only six are open to tourists.

Each of the islands of Hawaii has its specialty.

  • Waikiki – the champion in terms of visitors

The world-famous Waikiki is visited by about 5 million people a year. It spans 3.4 miles on the south shore of the island and is broken up into several independent beaches. Each has its own “thing” and set of activities: for families, surfing, or partying.

  • Ka’anapali – Kings and Movie Stars

The island of Maui is a pilgrimage destination for divers from all over the world. But Ka’anapali Beach is a blissful area. Since ancient times, Hawaiian kings and queens have appreciated the tranquil atmosphere of this magical place. Today their example is followed by modern movie stars and glamour lovers who spend their Hawaiian vacations here.


CALIFORNIA’s Mediterranean climate, and 300 days of sunshine a year, make it one of the top states to visit. California’s beaches are popular thanks to numerous Hollywood movies.

  • Los Angeles

Los Angeles is rightly considered a city of beaches. It is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and is dotted with some of the most famous beaches in America. Each of the beaches of Los Angeles has its specialty. For example, Venice Beach has a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, Malibu is famous for its surfing, and Long Beach is a very democratic beach.

  • Santa Monica is a beach town

It has the status of the most musical and gastronomic town in the United States. Hot summers and cool evenings, a kaleidoscope of experiences, and diverse cuisine are the essences of this resort destination.

Friday nights on the Promenade offer great shopping and the pleasure of “live” music. And beachfront Ocean Avenue leads directly to the unique Pacific Park amusement park built on the pier.


A beachfront of 825 miles and a mild climate have made this state an internationally popular beach vacation destination. During the quarantine period, when Hawaii was not always accessible, it was here that the flow of vacationers moved and broke the record of 37 million visitors a year.


  • Key West, Florida

Hotels and apartments in Key West are quite expensive, so those students who want to settle in for a little money should search carefully and book rooms in advance in order to save money for and good grades. Local artists and writers love to visit Key West, even Ernest Hemingway himself lived here.

  • Miami Beach – non-stop partying

Miami is a warm resort with a great climate year-round. The water in the Atlantic Ocean is warm, and the beaches around it are clean and well-maintained.

  • Daytona Beach – the real America

The famous Daytona Beach is a breath of real America on Florida’s North Shore. From May through October, it creates a uniquely fun atmosphere thanks to the arrival of many bikers right on the shoreline.