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Surfing is a sport with many benefits for cardiovascular health, back, shoulder, core, and leg strength. On top of that, you get to enjoy riding on the unbroken part of the tide.

There are millions of bays and points you can explore, and each one offers its unique surf pattern. There’s South Africa with its XXL-sized waves, Australia with its famous coastline, and more.

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This sport requires lots of patience and exercise if you want to perfect it. Practicing can take lots of time and tolerance and might sometimes get frustrating. With many burdens and assignments on your hands, it can get tricky to manage both college and surfing. When you experience a lack of motivation, reach out to a college essay writing service that will instantly help you out. You will get an outstanding essay written by a professional writer in no time. You will have more free time you can invest in your occupations.

Here we have gathered some of the most famous locations you should visit and experience as an avid surfer. Let’s take a look at the list!

5 Best Locations in South Africa

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1. Mossel Bay

This fantastic place is the famous ‘Garden Route’ and home to a remarkable combination of surf brakes. It is suited for professionals and beginners. LEARN 2 SURF is a school located at Mossel Bay, and beginners are coached at Diaz Beach. Beach is most famous for its excellent waves and great weather.

2. Jeffreys Bay

This is a high-performance, famous spot. It has a fun point, beach, and reef break, all located within a five-minute walk. Waves from 4ft to 8ft are common, even though there are ones from 3ft to 10 ft. Make sure to bring two boards– 6’’0 to 6’’6 for the small waves and 6’’10’ to 7’’6’ for the big waves.

3. Plettenberg Bay

One of the most beautiful places along the Garden Route you should visit is Plettenberg Bay. This location offers moderate swells and warm water. This is a perfect place for spending your day at the beach.

4. Wilderness 

Also known as Wildo, this is a wild place on both the water and the land. There is a relatively broad and sweeping reef that can hold dozens of surfers. You can find a semi-channel at the south end of the reef, but make sure it doesn’t sweep you too far down.

5. Victoria Bay

This is a steep-sided and locally guarded place located on the outskirts of George. Victoria Bay operates almost the whole year and is perfect for beginners and experts.

In Conclusion

Surfing is the perfect sport for you if you want to experience freedom and balance. Spending time outdoors has many benefits for your mental and physical health. We encourage you to try it out and experience its advantages.