fast and furious going west from alain riou on Vimeo.

March Madness in the South Bay

Surf clips from March shot mostly at El Porto, Manhattan Beach. Surfers include: Jamie Meistrell, Matt Pagan, Cheyne Magnusson, Mike Edwards, Tyler, Mike Siorida, Hunter Jones and others.

South Bay Surfing Video February 2013

Today’s Video clip is courtesy of Brad Jacobson – The Best of South Bay from the last few weeks – Check out more action

South Bay Surfing Video February 2013

Surf clips from both land and water from around the South Bay. Surfers include; Timmy Reyes, Cheyne Magnusson, Matt Pagan, Michael Luhrsen, Angelo Luhrsen, Tyler Hatzikian,Matt Mohagen, Jalian Johnston and others. This is a Civic Couch production courtesy of Brad Jacobson – The Best of South Bay from the last few weeks.

HAWAIIAN highlights from February 2013 from the Lost Enterprises

Ian Crane, Griffin Colapinto, Jesse Mendes, Nate Yeomans, Shane Beschen, Cheeseburger, Balaram Stack, Cristobal De Col, Tom Curren, Kolohe Andino, Mason Ho and Chris Ward.

Killer Barrels from Ireland

Cain Kilcullen getting slotted and destroying some lips in Ireland


Here’s 14 year-old Kipp Caddy getting some of the waves of his life during his first time out at Shipstern’s; shot during one of the swells of the year. This crew gets some of the sickest barrels I’ve ever seen!

Giant Waves in Nazare Portugal

Insanely giant surf caught on video in Nazare Portugal. One of the scariest wipeouts I’ve ever seen!


Aside from some sick ass barrels check out Jamie O’Brien taking off on a Costco Soft top and trying to transfer onto a short board halfway down the face!

Giant Waves in Portugal

Here is some footage of Garret McNamara towing into what some are calling a 100 foot wave. Even if it’s not 100 feet it’s freakin’ HUGE!

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