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Hennessey’s Hermosa North Surf Cam and Report

Hermosa Beach is part of Los Angeles County’s “South Bay” region. This region is comprised of three California beaches: Hermosa, Manhattan, and Redondo. The area draws hundreds of thousands of tourists every year to the shores, including surfers from around the world. The beach tends to be a bit crowded due to its popularity and its consistent surfing conditions.

Located close to the beach is The Strand, a concrete pathway for runners and cyclists that continues north to Santa Monica and southward to Redondo Beach. Adjacent to this path is the Hermosa Valley Greenbelt, a narrow strip that is part of the U.S. Rails to Trails network. Many city parks and sports facilities dot the city, including courts for tennis and basketball. Beach volleyball is a popular pastime here, and in fact the city of Hermosa Beach plays host to several amateur and professional beach volleyball tournaments every year. The International Surf Festival, held every August, brings in surfing pros and amateurs from around the world, and remains as one of the best-attended surfing festivals in the United States.

Our Hermosa North surf cam is positioned high atop Hennessey’s Tavern and looks to the north along the beach, toward the Hermosa Beach Pier. It’s a great way for surfers to keep tabs on current conditions. Swell Magnet’s worldwide network of high definition streaming surf cams make it possible to view your favorite break without having to make a bunch of phone calls or wasting a trip in the car. In addition to our exclusive surf cams, Swell Magnet’s team of dedicated surfers also produce our surf reports for Hermosa Beach and many points up and down California’s coastline. These reports are offered in real time and feature information about current wave heights, swell direction, wind conditions, and water temperature. For years, surfers in Southern California and beyond have relied on our surf cams and accurate, timely surf reports.


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