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Ask any surfer around the world to make a list of prime surf spots, and Huntington Beach will probably occupy a prominent spot. Known to surfers of all levels for its gorgeous vistas and the sheer impressiveness of its waves, Huntington Beach boasts of the North and South Piers, both of which are ground-zero for some of the most rewarding surf turfs in existence.

Huntington Beach isn’t exactly the place where novice surfers should go to get started with the fascinating pursuit of surfing however. The very same surf and weather conditions that make the place such a Mecca for more advanced level surfers also makes it a bit tricky for novices and beginners. The conditions can be quite daunting for surfers of every level, and beginners would be well-advised to seek out more newbie-friendly waves. Nevertheless, Huntington Beach boasts of some of the most appealing surfing spots in the world, which is why the Huntington Beach Pier live surf cam is so helpful.

Swellmagnet.com has a network of state-of-the-art surf and weather monitoring equipment all along the California coast, with the Huntington Beach Pier live surf cam one of its most useful features. This system of cameras and monitoring equipment constantly record surf and weather conditions in the area, with the resulting data collected and analyzed by Swellmagnet’s team of surf experts.

The information gathered by the Swellmagnet team forms the basis of the information presented on Swellmagnet.com, which is available to the public. Anyone who is interested to know what conditions are like on Huntington Beach would do well to make Swellmagnet.com their first stop, as the information offered on the site can help ensure a more favorable and more rewarding experience. With the accurate information updated constantly, surfers will be able to determine the best time to surf the waves of this endlessly fascinating and world-class surfing destination.


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