It’s summer, and you are planning your surfing trip. You need to make sure that everything is intact. Haven’t you forgotten anything? If you’re still not sure, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. It’s always better to have a checklist to make sure that you’ve packed everything for your trip.

And don’t get into the college assignments. You need time to rest. Gladly, there are services allowing you to pay for college essays so that the professionals will write them for you. Now, have you packed all the things for your surfing trip? 

And if you didn’t write a checklist, you can use the one below. All the essential things are listed. 

1. Board Bag

Traveling is not safe for the surfboard, as there are a thousand ways that it can get damaged. To avoid possible damages, the board should be stored in the board bag. It will keep your board from scratches and cracks. It is especially helpful if you are going to your destination by plane, as airlines can be quite rough with luggage. 


If you don’t have a board bag already, you can purchase it online. Online stores offer a vast array of board bags. While the prices may range from $100 to $1000, you can get a quality one for around $250-$300.

2. Extra Fins

The board can be safe, but fins often get damaged, especially when you surf in new waters. That’s why you need a pack of extra surf fins. Also, don’t forget about the fin keys, as you will need to screw them into your board. 

3. Extra Leash

Your leash can break or get lost in the shuffle, so it’s always better to be over- rather than under-prepared. With an extra leash, nothing will spoil your surfing trip. 

4. Wax

If you are a surfing novice, you may not know the tricks of how to prevent the board from slipping out from under you. Wax helps you to keep the board under your feet. It’s inexpensive, and its small size allows carrying it on with ease. 

Now, you have packed everything for your surfboard, but that doesn’t mean you are prepared for the surfing trip. You shouldn’t forget about yourself. So, here’s the continuation of the checklist:

5. Sunscreen

Nothing will spoil your surfing trip more than a sunburn. That’s why you should avoid sunburns at any cost, and sunscreen can come in handy. There’s never too much sunscreen, so make sure you have large bottles of it. 

6. First Aid Kit

With sports activities, to which surfing undeniably belongs, you can never know when you may need antibiotic ointment or band-aid. So, pack a first aid kit as well. You don’t need anything fancy, so a small kit will do. 

7. Bathing Suit

“Wait, what? How can I forget it?” You may think, but quite often, obvious things are left behind. So, pack a couple of bathing suits. Firstly, you will always have an extra one. Secondly, it allows you to avoid doing laundry during your trip.

Finally Packed


If you checked the list and nothing is missing, then you are completely prepared for your surfing trip. Oh, and don’t forget the surfing rules, and enjoy!