[easyrotator]erc_96_1423880686[/easyrotator]Today’s Slideshow is courtesy of Lucio Gomes – Friday the 13th – Not always unlucky!
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Even though it was Friday the 13th we sure lucked into another gorgeous day and a fresh pulse of swell. That was an awesome few days of surfing with all of the elements syncing together. It seemed like everyone was getting good waves and smiles of stoke definitely outweighed the scowls, (at least where I was surfing).

I hope you were able to get in the water, if not, no problem, it looks like Saturday should dish up one more good day before the swell backs down and the Santa Ana winds pack their bags!

On Saturday morning, (Valentines Day), that swell will continue to generate head high plus sets for the better West facing breaks, (possibly bigger sets), in the morning and slowly back down throughout the day.

2015-02-14 Sat 02:41 AM Moonrise
2015-02-14 Sat 05:08 AM 5.14 feet High Tide
2015-02-14 Sat 06:39 AM Sunrise
2015-02-14 Sat 12:33 PM -0.12 feet Low Tide
2015-02-14 Sat 01:20 PM Moonset
2015-02-14 Sat 05:36 PM Sunset
2015-02-14 Sat 07:02 PM 3.40 feet High Tide
2015-02-14 Sat 11:39 PM 2.04 feet Low Tide

The conditionsshould be pretty good early with variable winds out of the East in the 3-6 MPH zone until 11AM and a timid 4-6 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. High pressure will start to break down later in the day but we’ll get one more nice warm one with the air temp topping out at 80 degrees.

On Sunday morning that swell will be on the fade but continue to dish up some chest to maybe shoulder to head high sets for the exposed West facing breaks.

* Tide starts off a little high at dawn patrol

2015-02-15 Sun 03:37 AM Moonrise
2015-02-15 Sun 06:01 AM 5.63 feet High Tide
2015-02-15 Sun 06:38 AM Sunrise
2015-02-15 Sun 01:13 PM -0.66 feet Low Tide
2015-02-15 Sun 02:20 PM Moonset
2015-02-15 Sun 05:37 PM Sunset
2015-02-15 Sun 07:36 PM 3.81 feet High Tide

The conditionsstart to unravel a bit but should be okay for the AM with variable winds out of the East in 1-4 MPH zone until 11AM and 6-8 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp dips down to 75 degrees.

For Monday morningboth weather and swell will take a turn for the worse. The swell will be carted off to the hospice as the last twitches of life are choked out by a 6 foot high tide. We’ll be left with waist high plus surf for the best West facing beaches and that will only be when tide permits!

* An early high tide will stifle the little surf for the dawn patrol.

2015-02-16 Mon 12:33 AM 1.65 feet Low Tide
2015-02-16 Mon 04:31 AM Moonrise
2015-02-16 Mon 06:37 AM Sunrise
2015-02-16 Mon 06:49 AM 6.07 feet High Tide
2015-02-16 Mon 01:50 PM -1.08 feet Low Tide
2015-02-16 Mon 03:25 PM Moonset
2015-02-16 Mon 05:38 PM Sunset
2015-02-16 Mon 08:10 PM 4.22 feet High Tide

The conditionslook okay but a far cry from the Santa Ana winds from last week. We should see light and variable breezes in the 1-4 MPH zone until around 11AM and those pick up to 9-12 MPH in the afternoon. The air temp dips another notch to 72 degrees on the sand.

For Tuesday morningit looks even worse with anemic, waist high surf pretty much everywhere.

2015-02-17 Tue 01:22 AM 1.21 feet Low Tide
2015-02-17 Tue 05:21 AM Moonrise
2015-02-17 Tue 06:36 AM Sunrise
2015-02-17 Tue 07:35 AM 6.38 feet High Tide
2015-02-17 Tue 02:28 PM -1.32 feet Low Tide
2015-02-17 Tue 04:34 PM Moonset
2015-02-17 Tue 05:39 PM Sunset
2015-02-17 Tue 08:45 PM 4.61 feet High Tide

The conditionslook about the same with variable breezes in the 1-3 until 11AM and 7-11 MPH out of the West. The air temp holds steady at 72 degrees.

The current water temps Newport 62 degrees, Huntington 60 degrees, the South Bay showed as 63 degrees, Santa Monica 61 degrees and Malibu 60 degrees.

I’ll be back on Sunday with the next update!