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lo res white sharkIf you haven’t seen the Video of the Great White Shark encounter, at El Porto, from 10-16-13
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It looks like it’ll be all systems go for our impending swell and it’s not a question of if, but when it hits! Fasten your seat belts my friends solid swell will fill in through the day tomorrow and the long intervals should mean that the best West facing breaks will be kicking out some Widow maker sets by days end!

For Friday morning we’ll see our biggest swell of the bunch roar into town from a 285-295 degree angle and put the top West facing breaks into the well overhead to double overhead zone. This one will have very long intervals and have definite ass kicking qualities to it.

The beach breaks will likely be walled and dangerous, so a point, jetty or a reef will really be the only reasonable options, (unless you’re in Navy Seal training). Due to the liberal angle of this swell all the spots should get a solid sampling of surf, so be sure to match your skill level to the break. It could be a little gnarly out there!

2014-01-24 Fri 12:31 AM Moonrise
2014-01-24 Fri 02:53 AM 4.64 feet High Tide
2014-01-24 Fri 06:55 AM Sunrise
2014-01-24 Fri 10:26 AM 1.26 feet Low Tide
2014-01-24 Fri 11:35 AM Moonset
2014-01-24 Fri 04:16 PM 2.70 feet High Tide
2014-01-24 Fri 05:16 PM Sunset
2014-01-24 Fri 08:45 PM 2.00 feet Low Tide

The conditions look fantastic with NE/NNE breezes in the 4-12 MPH zone all day long. The air temp jumps back up to 75 degrees again.

For Saturday morning that swell will continue to pound So Cal with overhead to double overhead sets for the top deepwater breaks. The angle remain the same so if you found something that worked on Friday chance are…

2014-01-25 Sat 01:32 AM Moonrise
2014-01-25 Sat 03:58 AM 5.01 feet High Tide
2014-01-25 Sat 06:55 AM Sunrise
2014-01-25 Sat 11:34 AM 0.57 feet Low Tide
2014-01-25 Sat 12:21 PM Moonset
2014-01-25 Sat 05:17 PM Sunset
2014-01-25 Sat 05:51 PM 2.94 feet High Tide
2014-01-25 Sat 10:08 PM 2.11 feet Low Tide

The conditions will be good again with continued NE/NNE breezes in the 6-10 MPH zone until noon and 9-11 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp hovers in the high 70’s.

For Sunday morning we’ll continue to be fed a steady diet of NW ground swell. Same deal pretty much, with overhead to well overhead sets and some larger bombs lurking out the back.

2014-01-26 Sun 02:35 AM Moonrise
2014-01-26 Sun 04:57 AM 5.47 feet High Tide
2014-01-26 Sun 06:54 AM Sunrise
2014-01-26 Sun 12:25 PM -0.15 feet Low Tide
2014-01-26 Sun 01:12 PM Moonset
2014-01-26 Sun 05:18 PM Sunset
2014-01-26 Sun 06:49 PM 3.31 feet High Tide
2014-01-26 Sun 11:20 PM 2.01 feet Low Tide

The conditions will be pretty good again with N/NNE breezes in the 2-6 MPH zone until 11AM and 8-10 MPH, out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 76 degrees again.

The current water temps Newport 60 degrees, Huntington 61 degrees, the South Bay showed as 60 degrees, Santa Monica 60 degrees and Malibu 59 degrees.

I’ll be back on Friday with the next update!