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HURRICANE WATCH November 17, 2014 – A weak area of low pressure several hundred miles south of Acapulco, Mexico is being monitored for possible development later this week. Otherwise, the eastern Pacific Basin is free of any organized tropical systems at this time, and no development is likely for the next couple of days.

By Tuesday morning we’ll dip back into the waist high zone. A huge morning high tide will likely put the clamps on most spots for the dawn patrol but things should start to improve mid morning.

2014-11-18 Tue 02:42 AM Moonrise
2014-11-18 Tue 06:22 AM 5.31 feet High Tide
2014-11-18 Tue 06:29 AM Sunrise
2014-11-18 Tue 01:02 PM 0.85 feet Low Tide
2014-11-18 Tue 02:36 PM Moonset
2014-11-18 Tue 04:48 PM Sunset
2014-11-18 Tue 06:58 PM 3.98 feet High Tide

The conditions look pretty great again with variable winds out of the East in the 3-15 MPH zone all day long, (stronger below passes and canyons), and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s glassy all day long again. The air temp tops out at 75 degrees.

Wednesday morning will start off slow with surf in the waist high fighting its way through the hefty morning tide. The better news is that some fresh W/NW swell should start to fill in later in the day. This energy is coming in from a more liberal angle of 270-280 degrees, (which means it will get into any beach that has a peek at the West). By the end of the day there should be head high plus sets in play for most spots.

2014-11-19 Wed 12:24 AM 1.54 feet Low Tide
2014-11-19 Wed 03:38 AM Moonrise
2014-11-19 Wed 06:30 AM Sunrise
2014-11-19 Wed 06:48 AM 5.64 feet High Tide
2014-11-19 Wed 01:35 PM 0.36 feet Low Tide
2014-11-19 Wed 03:11 PM Moonset
2014-11-19 Wed 04:48 PM Sunset
2014-11-19 Wed 07:39 PM 4.07 feet High Tide

The conditions look tolerable as the Santa Ana winds hit the road and a light onshore flow moves in. We’ll see winds out of the West in the 1-4 MPH zone until noon and then those get up to 8-10 MPH in the afternoon. The air temp dips to 70 degrees.

By Thursday morning that swell should be in fine form with shoulder to head high sets at most spots and well overhead sets at the best deep water West facing beaches. This will remain a Westerly 170-180 degrees.

A higher than normal tide may actually help out the shape at the beach breaks.

2014-11-20 Thu 12:55 AM 1.61 feet Low Tide
2014-11-20 Thu 04:36 AM Moonrise
2014-11-20 Thu 06:31 AM Sunrise
2014-11-20 Thu 07:15 AM 5.94 feet High Tide
2014-11-20 Thu 02:08 PM -0.07 feet Low Tide
2014-11-20 Thu 03:50 PM Moonset
2014-11-20 Thu 04:47 PM Sunset
2014-11-20 Thu 08:19 PM 4.13 feet High Tide

The conditions look great for the morning with variable winds out of the East in the 1-4 MPH zone until noon and 7-12 MPH out of the West until sundown. The air temp tumbles to 67 degrees.

The current water temps Newport 66 degrees, Huntington 68 degrees, the South Bay showed as 67 degrees, Santa Monica 65 degrees and Malibu 64 degrees.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with the 5DAY 4CAST!