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lo res white sharkIf you haven’t seen the Video of the Great White Shark encounter, at El Porto, from 10-16-13
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Slim picken’s lately and it looks like Mother Nature will be doing us no favors for this upcoming week. We’re in for more SMALL surf through Thursday, but could see a little bump up by next Friday. Stay tuned!


Satellite imagery depicts a broad area of low pressure west-southwest of Manzanillo, Mexico, has weakened from earlier on Saturday. Tropical development from this area of disturbed weather is no longer anticipated, but heavier rain and thunderstorms will continue to affect some portions of southwestern Mexico into Saturday night.

Elsewhere across the basin, no tropical development is expected.

Monday morning is looking pretty small with waist high plus leftovers on the right tide. Not much to sink your teeth into but if you have enough foam you may be able to sneak in a couple waves before, or after, the tide kills it.

2013-11-18 Mon 02:32 AM 2.11 feet Low Tide
2013-11-18 Mon 06:29 AM Sunrise
2013-11-18 Mon 07:21 AM Moonset
2013-11-18 Mon 08:43 AM 6.12 feet High Tide
2013-11-18 Mon 03:54 PM -0.37 feet Low Tide
2013-11-18 Mon 04:48 PM Sunset
2013-11-18 Mon 05:55 PM Moonrise
2013-11-18 Mon 10:24 PM 3.89 feet High Tide

The conditions look fair with variable winds out of the East in the 2-4 MPH zone until 10AM and West winds at 10-12 MPH in the afternoon. The air temp will top out at 66 degrees.

For Tuesday morning looks bleak as conditions deteriorate a little bit and the swell backs down further. The best spots will see knee to knee to maybe waist high surf as a subtle tide push helps out the early morning sessions.

2013-11-19 Tue 03:02 AM 2.32 feet Low Tide
2013-11-19 Tue 06:30 AM Sunrise
2013-11-19 Tue 08:12 AM Moonset
2013-11-19 Tue 09:14 AM 5.92 feet High Tide
2013-11-19 Tue 04:30 PM -0.20 feet Low Tide
2013-11-19 Tue 04:48 PM Sunset
2013-11-19 Tue 06:43 PM Moonrise
2013-11-19 Tue 11:07 PM 3.75 feet High Tide

The conditions should be okay with variable winds in the 1-4 MPH until 10AM and 6-8 MPH winds in the afternoon. The air temp will top out at 63 degrees.

Wednesday morning looks no better with knee high plus surf for the best spots.

2013-11-20 Wed 03:34 AM 2.54 feet Low Tide
2013-11-20 Wed 06:31 AM Sunrise
2013-11-20 Wed 09:00 AM Moonset
2013-11-20 Wed 09:45 AM 5.64 feet High Tide
2013-11-20 Wed 04:47 PM Sunset
2013-11-20 Wed 05:08 PM 0.04 feet Low Tide
2013-11-20 Wed 07:34 PM Moonrise
2013-11-20 Wed 11:55 PM 3.63 feet High Tide

The conditions look okay with variable winds in the 1-3 MPH zone until 11AM and those get up to 11 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp will be 65 degrees on the sand.

For Thursday morning we’ll see continued knee to waist high surf at the best breaks.

2013-11-21 Thu 04:09 AM 2.75 feet Low Tide
2013-11-21 Thu 06:32 AM Sunrise
2013-11-21 Thu 09:43 AM Moonset
2013-11-21 Thu 10:19 AM 5.29 feet High Tide
2013-11-21 Thu 04:47 PM Sunset
2013-11-21 Thu 05:49 PM 0.32 feet Low Tide
2013-11-21 Thu 08:26 PM Moonrise

The conditions look decent with East winds in the 2-5 MPH range until noon then go Westerly at 10-12 MPH for the remainder of the afternoon. The air temp clock in at 65 degrees.

The current water temps Newport 63 degrees, Huntington 63 degrees, the South Bay showed as 63 degrees, Santa Monica 62 degrees and Malibu 61 degrees.

I’ll be back on Monday with the next update!

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