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HURRICANE WATCH November 7, 2014 – An area of low pressure located several hundred miles south of Manzanillo, Mexico, has begun to show some better organization to the shower and thunderstorm activity associated with the low. The environment is favorable for additional development during the next few days as it tracks westward across the eastern Pacific. The disturbance is small in size right now, but it is expected to grow over the coming days. If a low-level center can strengthen and develop, then there is the possibility of a tropical cyclone forming.

Saturday morning looks no better with a meager offering of swell and another buzz killer of a tide. The weather remains great but surfing doesn’t look to be part of the daily agenda.

2014-11-08 Sat 03:04 AM 1.82 feet Low Tide
2014-11-08 Sat 06:19 AM Sunrise
2014-11-08 Sat 07:59 AM Moonset
2014-11-08 Sat 09:15 AM 6.39 feet High Tide
2014-11-08 Sat 04:21 PM -0.55 feet Low Tide
2014-11-08 Sat 04:55 PM Sunset
2014-11-08 Sat 06:42 PM Moonrise
2014-11-08 Sat 10:50 PM 4.14 feet High Tide

The conditions look great again with Easterly winds in the 2-8 MPH zone until noon, (expect stronger gusts below the passes and canyons), and those remain tame throughout the day. The air temp dips a hair to 80 degrees.

For Sunday morning the broken record will continue scratching the vinyl as we see a repeat of feeble background energy in the knee to waist high range, but a slightly more manageable first light tide.

2014-11-09 Sun 03:41 AM 2.17 feet Low Tide
2014-11-09 Sun 06:20 AM Sunrise
2014-11-09 Sun 08:55 AM Moonset
2014-11-09 Sun 09:52 AM 6.05 feet High Tide
2014-11-09 Sun 04:54 PM Sunset
2014-11-09 Sun 05:06 PM -0.26 feet Low Tide
2014-11-09 Sun 07:33 PM Moonrise
2014-11-09 Sun 11:45 PM 3.90 feet High Tide

The conditions look fair + again with variable winds in the 0-4 MPH zone until noon and then those get up to 6-9 MPH out of the West later in the day. The air drops off a little more to 76 degrees.

Monday morning looks small again with knee to waist high dribblers up and down the coast. The tides look favorable early but it’s hard to paint with no canvas!

2014-11-10 Mon 04:21 AM 2.53 feet Low Tide
2014-11-10 Mon 06:21 AM Sunrise
2014-11-10 Mon 09:46 AM Moonset
2014-11-10 Mon 10:30 AM 5.60 feet High Tide
2014-11-10 Mon 04:53 PM Sunset
2014-11-10 Mon 05:54 PM 0.11 feet Low Tide
2014-11-10 Mon 08:26 PM Moonrise

The conditions look good with variable winds in the 1-3 MPH zone until noon and then those remain light until sundown. The air temp backs down to 73 degrees.

For Tuesday morning we should see a subtle bump in size with inconsistent sets in the waist high plus zone out of the NW.

2014-11-11 Tue 12:49 AM 3.74 feet High Tide
2014-11-11 Tue 05:08 AM 2.86 feet Low Tide
2014-11-11 Tue 06:22 AM Sunrise
2014-11-11 Tue 10:32 AM Moonset
2014-11-11 Tue 11:12 AM 5.10 feet High Tide
2014-11-11 Tue 04:52 PM Sunset
2014-11-11 Tue 06:48 PM 0.48 feet Low Tide
2014-11-11 Tue 09:20 PM Moonrise

The conditions fair with winds out of the SE/SSE in the 2-4 MPH zone until noon and then those remain fairly calm all day. The air temp tops out at 70 degrees.

The current water temps Newport 66 degrees, Huntington 66 degrees, the South Bay showed as 68 degrees, Santa Monica 67 degrees and Malibu 66 degrees.

I’ll be back on Sunday with a look into next week!

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