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Tropical Storm Octave continues to move rapidly move northward towards the Baja Peninsula. Recent satellite imagery of the storm indicates that while there remains strong convection on the north side of the system, it is becoming increasingly removed from the storm’s low level center due to strong southerly shear.

Octave is expected to make landfall over the southern Baja Peninsula late Tuesday or early Wednesday as a tropical rainstorm.

Elsewhere, Tropical Storm Priscilla is spinning well off the coast of Mexico. Easterly shear is impacting the system as most of the thunderstorm activity remains to the west of the low level center of circulation.

As of right now, the storm is centered over very warm surface temperatures, which should help it maintain its strength or strengthen in the near term. Over the course of the next several days, however, the storm will track northwards into progressively cooler water. That, combined with increasing shear, should lead to Priscilla degenerating into a non-tropical feature by the end of the week.


Tuesday morning looks even weaker with knee to waist high surf everywhere. The very most exposed, south facing beaches, in the OC area will see some 160-170 degree, sideways, SOuth swell move in, but it will be inconsistent and gutless.

2013-10-15 Tue 01:13 AM 0.31 feet Low Tide
2013-10-15 Tue 03:36 AM Moonset
2013-10-15 Tue 06:59 AM Sunrise
2013-10-15 Tue 07:36 AM 5.42 feet High Tide
2013-10-15 Tue 01:43 PM 0.96 feet Low Tide
2013-10-15 Tue 04:20 PM Moonrise
2013-10-15 Tue 06:19 PM Sunset
2013-10-15 Tue 07:43 PM 5.23 feet High Tide

The conditions look excellent with NE/NNE winds in the 4-10 MPH zone until noon, (stronger below the passes and canyons), and mild breezes to 7 MPH in the afternoon. The air temp will jump up to 82 degrees.

Wednesday morning looks no better with continued weak ass pulses up and down the coast. The top spots will wallow in the knee to waist high zone.

2013-10-16 Wed 01:52 AM 0.45 feet Low Tide
2013-10-16 Wed 04:39 AM Moonset
2013-10-16 Wed 07:00 AM Sunrise
2013-10-16 Wed 08:09 AM 5.79 feet High Tide
2013-10-16 Wed 02:28 PM 0.44 feet Low Tide
2013-10-16 Wed 04:56 PM Moonrise
2013-10-16 Wed 06:18 PM Sunset
2013-10-16 Wed 08:32 PM 5.18 feet High Tide

The conditions look as good as they get with all day offshore winds in the 7-14 MPH zone, (stronger below the passes and canyons). It should be absolutely gorgeous with air temps getting up into the mid 80’s.

Thursday morning will be no different with small, knee to waist high waves everywhere.

2013-10-17 Thu 02:27 AM 0.68 feet Low Tide
2013-10-17 Thu 05:41 AM Moonset
2013-10-17 Thu 07:00 AM Sunrise
2013-10-17 Thu 08:41 AM 6.05 feet High Tide
2013-10-17 Thu 03:09 PM 0.07 feet Low Tide
2013-10-17 Thu 05:32 PM Moonrise
2013-10-17 Thu 06:16 PM Sunset
2013-10-17 Thu 09:17 PM 5.02 feet High Tide

The conditions look fair with NE/NNE winds in the 2-4 MPH zone until noon and 9-11 MPH winds out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp will dip down to 77 degrees.

The current water temps Newport 63 degrees, Huntington 64 degrees, the South Bay showed as 66 degrees, Santa Monica 61 degrees and Malibu 62 degrees.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with the 5DAY 4CAST!