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It really poured last night so all the foul bacteria, dog crap, pesticides and general schmegma has had ample time to seep into our beloved ocean. If you do paddle, definitely use those ear plugs and take a hot shower as soon as you get out of the water.

There is a risk of increased bacteria levels through a period of at least 72-hours following the end of any measurable rain event. Water contact should be avoided during this period, especially within 100 yards of drainpipes, ballon a creek, river mouths, and anything else ushering poison into the water.

On Saturday morning that Westerly swell will dip into the stomach to chest high range for the most exposed West facing breaks. A nearly 6 foot high tide at 8:18AM will slow things down for the morning session and the conditions look to be pretty tame.

2013-01-26 Sat 02:11 AM 1.78 feet Low Tide
2013-01-26 Sat 06:17 AM Moonset
2013-01-26 Sat 06:54 AM Sunrise
2013-01-26 Sat 08:18 AM 5.83 feet High Tide
2013-01-26 Sat 03:18 PM -0.64 feet Low Tide
2013-01-26 Sat 05:16 PM Moonrise
2013-01-26 Sat 05:18 PM Sunset
2013-01-26 Sat 08:40 PM Full Moon
2013-01-26 Sat 09:41 PM 4.04 feet High Tide

The conditions should be okay early with variable winds out of the East, in the 1-3 MPH zone until 11AM with mild afternoon onshores clocking in at 5-8 MPH. There’s a 20% chance of rain and the air temp will drop to 66 degrees.

On Sunday morning the better West facing breaks should see surf in the chest to shoulder high zone.

2013-01-27 Sun 02:45 AM 1.64 feet Low Tide
2013-01-27 Sun 06:53 AM Sunrise
2013-01-27 Sun 06:54 AM Moonset
2013-01-27 Sun 08:50 AM 5.79 feet High Tide
2013-01-27 Sun 03:44 PM -0.60 feet Low Tide
2013-01-27 Sun 05:19 PM Sunset
2013-01-27 Sun 06:14 PM Moonrise
2013-01-27 Sun 10:07 PM 4.18 feet High Tide

The conditions look a little iffy with an onshore flow in the 2-5 MPH zone until 11AM and afternoon West winds up to 15 MPH. There’s a 40% chance of rain and we’ll see another cool day with a high air temp 61 degrees.

On Monday morning the swell will back down into the chest high plus zones and an onshore flow will pick up a little steam with all day West winds in the 7-20 MPH range.

2013-01-28 Mon 03:21 AM 1.53 feet Low Tide
2013-01-28 Mon 06:53 AM Sunrise
2013-01-28 Mon 07:28 AM Moonset
2013-01-28 Mon 09:23 AM 5.61 feet High Tide
2013-01-28 Mon 04:11 PM -0.45 feet Low Tide
2013-01-28 Mon 05:20 PM Sunset
2013-01-28 Mon 07:12 PM Moonrise
2013-01-28 Mon 10:35 PM 4.32 feet High Tide

The conditions are leaning toward poor with all day West winds. There’s a 20% chance of rain and we’ll see an air temp of 59 degrees.

Tuesday morning is up in the air right now, but if the winds adhere to the forecast we might see some fun little wind swell for the West facing breaks. Top spots should go chest to shoulder high plus and like I said, if the winds go offshoree late monday night it’ll definitely be worth a look.

2013-01-29 Tue 04:00 AM 1.47 feet Low Tide
2013-01-29 Tue 06:52 AM Sunrise
2013-01-29 Tue 08:02 AM Moonset
2013-01-29 Tue 09:58 AM 5.29 feet High Tide
2013-01-29 Tue 04:39 PM -0.19 feet Low Tide
2013-01-29 Tue 05:21 PM Sunset
2013-01-29 Tue 08:11 PM Moonrise
2013-01-29 Tue 11:05 PM 4.44 feet High Tide

The conditions look to recover with E/NE breezes in the 5-10 MPH range until around 11AM and 6-12 MPH West winds into the afternoon. We’ll see an air temp of 61 degrees.

The current water temps are as follows – Newport 54 degrees, Huntington 55 degrees, the South Bay showed as 56 degrees, Santa Monica 55 degrees and Malibu 56 degrees.

I’ll be back on Sunday with next update!