Today’s Slideshow was shot by me on the last super pumping swell I can remember. Ahh the good old days!




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HURRICANE REPORT – No noteworthy Tropical activity going on right now.

Saturday morning will see more of the same with a continued mish mash of swell, but once again, the onshore winds will take center stage. Find that kelpy, wind protected cove and you might get a little something, but I wouldn’t bank on it.

2012-11-10 Sat 02:41 AM Moonrise
2012-11-10 Sat 06:05 AM 5.63 feet High Tide
2012-11-10 Sat 06:22 AM Sunrise
2012-11-10 Sat 12:41 PM 0.54 feet Low Tide
2012-11-10 Sat 02:35 PM Moonset
2012-11-10 Sat 04:53 PM Sunset
2012-11-10 Sat 06:40 PM 4.38 feet High Tide

The conditions will not cooperate, with all day onshore breezes in the 10-20 MPH range and a 30% chance of rain. Look for a high air temp of 60 degrees.

Sunday morning will be smaller but the ocean should clean up dramatically. Top West facing breaks should see waist to chest high sets and the SW energy should be good for the same… just a bit less consistent as it fades out through the day.

2012-11-11 Sun 12:15 AM 1.19 feet Low Tide
2012-11-11 Sun 03:48 AM Moonrise
2012-11-11 Sun 06:23 AM Sunrise
2012-11-11 Sun 06:37 AM 6.17 feet High Tide
2012-11-11 Sun 01:24 PM -0.20 feet Low Tide
2012-11-11 Sun 03:14 PM Moonset
2012-11-11 Sun 04:52 PM Sunset
2012-11-11 Sun 07:32 PM 4.48 feet High Tide

The conditions will be much better with offshore winds, out of the NE, in the 6-12 MPH zone until noon and standard 8-12 MPH West winds in the afternoon. Look for a high air temp of 65 degrees.

Monday morning will be smaller as the NW energy is all but gone. We’ll still see some inconsistent, waist high sets from a 190 degree angle roll through but it won’t be enough to really hang your hat on. The good news is we’ll see a little warm up and the conditions should be excellent.

2012-11-12 Mon 12:53 AM 1.29 feet Low Tide
2012-11-12 Mon 04:58 AM Moonrise
2012-11-12 Mon 06:24 AM Sunrise
2012-11-12 Mon 07:13 AM 6.65 feet High Tide
2012-11-12 Mon 02:08 PM -0.81 feet Low Tide
2012-11-12 Mon 03:59 PM Moonset
2012-11-12 Mon 04:51 PM Sunset
2012-11-12 Mon 08:22 PM 4.50 feet High Tide

The conditions will be great for the AM with 6-11 MPH breezes out of the NE until 11AM and 9-11 MPH winds out of the West throughout the afternoon. Look for a high air temp of 71 degrees.

For Tuesday morning the prognosis is looking grim. We’re anticipating knee to maybe waist high background swell at the better spots. Also note that it’s high tide season and we’ll have a nearly 7 foot high just before 8AM. Too bad as the winds look fantastic.

2012-11-13 Tue 01:32 AM 1.43 feet Low Tide
2012-11-13 Tue 06:09 AM Moonrise
2012-11-13 Tue 06:24 AM Sunrise
2012-11-13 Tue 07:51 AM 6.99 feet High Tide
2012-11-13 Tue 02:08 PM New Moon
2012-11-13 Tue 02:53 PM -1.21 feet Low Tide
2012-11-13 Tue 04:50 PM Moonset
2012-11-13 Tue 04:51 PM Sunset
2012-11-13 Tue 09:13 PM 4.45 feet High Tide

The conditions will be perfect with 5-10 MPH NE winds until around 1PM and mild 8-10 MPH breezes out of the West in the afternoon. Look for a comfortable air temp of 71 degrees.

The current water temps are as follows – Newport 63 degrees, Huntington 63 degrees, the South Bay showed as 64 degrees, Santa Monica 60 degrees and Malibu 59 degrees.

I’ll be back on Sunday with the next update.