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Thursday might be okay early, but wicked winds will whip into town early and tear up the ocean for at least 2 consecutive days. If you can do the dawn patrol do it and you may be able to get a few good ones before the conditions deteriorate.

The NW energy from Wednesday will be on the fade, but some fresh medium + interval energy will be filling in right on its heels and build through the day. It will definitely be worth a look early before the winds move in.

2016-04-14 Thu 02:02 AM Moonset
2016-04-14 Thu 03:52 AM 4.40 feet High Tide
2016-04-14 Thu 06:23 AM Sunrise
2016-04-14 Thu 11:21 AM 0.15 feet Low Tide
2016-04-14 Thu 12:55 PM Moonrise
2016-04-14 Thu 06:24 PM 3.88 feet High Tide
2016-04-14 Thu 07:25 PM Sunset
2016-04-14 Thu 11:40 PM 2.29 feet Low Tide

The conditions start off okay with variable 1-3 breezes until 10AM or so and then things will start to change with double digit onshore gusts in most spots and some places will see gusts in excess of 15 + MPH out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 68 degrees.


For Friday the surf will be OH to well OH, but expect confused, junky, choppy, wind swell mixing in with some fairly potent ground swell. Plenty of waves but it will, in all likelihood, be pretty ugly, (one of my favorite oxymorons), out there.

2016-04-15 Fri 02:45 AM Moonset
2016-04-15 Fri 05:20 AM 4.30 feet High Tide
2016-04-15 Fri 06:22 AM Sunrise
2016-04-15 Fri 12:23 PM 0.15 feet Low Tide
2016-04-15 Fri 01:52 PM Moonrise
2016-04-15 Fri 07:11 PM 4.20 feet High Tide
2016-04-15 Fri 07:25 PM Sunset

The conditions don’t look as bad as they did on yesterdays model check. See for yourself below! The air temp tops out at 73 degrees.



For Saturday morning we have a shot at getting some good surf if the winds cooperate, (which is a major question mark according to models today). As of today we’re anticipating all energy to back down, but the best West facing beaches will still have plenty of meat left on that bone with surf remaining in the head high to OH zone.

2016-04-16 Sat 12:48 AM 1.85 feet Low Tide
2016-04-16 Sat 03:24 AM Moonset
2016-04-16 Sat 06:21 AM Sunrise
2016-04-16 Sat 06:30 AM 4.34 feet High Tide
2016-04-16 Sat 01:10 PM 0.18 feet Low Tide
2016-04-16 Sat 02:47 PM Moonrise
2016-04-16 Sat 07:26 PM Sunset
2016-04-16 Sat 07:46 PM 4.47 feet High Tide

The conditions remain iffy at best. We’re slated to see 6-18 MPH winds out of the N/NW all day long. The air temp tops out at 75 degrees.

Sunday should be cleaner, but smaller, with waist to chest high + surf on the brunch menu. That will continue to dissipate through the day.

2016-04-17 Sun 01:36 AM 1.40 feet Low Tide
2016-04-17 Sun 04:00 AM Moonset
2016-04-17 Sun 06:19 AM Sunrise
2016-04-17 Sun 07:24 AM 4.40 feet High Tide
2016-04-17 Sun 01:48 PM 0.28 feet Low Tide
2016-04-17 Sun 03:42 PM Moonrise
2016-04-17 Sun 07:27 PM Sunset
2016-04-17 Sun 08:14 PM 4.69 feet High Tide

The conditions should be decent early with variable 2-4 MPH breezes until noon and 9-15 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 74 degrees.

Water Temps: are as follows – Malibu 59, Santa Monica 62, Hermosa 63, Huntington 59 & Newport 61 degrees.

I’ll be back on Thursday with the next update!