La Saladita, North of Troncones, Mexico

La saladita, North of Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo The Corky Carroll Surf Adventure First of all, this is no ordinary surf trip, it’s an adventure. I have been on countless Mexico surf trips where sacrifices had to be made to get great un-crowded point surf. Those concessions included sleeping in cars, tree houses, fleabag hotels, bungalows, and …

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La Barra, Nicaragua First and foremost I would like to thank Juan and Marcos, our AST guides, for the absolutely, phenomenal job they did taking care of us. These two guys are 24 carat gold and turned what would have been a good/great trip into an over the top fantastic experience. They did everything within their power …

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Baja Mexico

Baja Surf Adventures Northern Baja resort is located beachfront just outside of Quatro and Camalu. This region is known to pick up swells from just about any direction. Featuring all the amenities you’ll ever need to relax in total comfort, this resort makes sure you’re enjoying your Baja vacation your whole stay. Our guides, the …

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 Picture courtesy of Scott Valor Barbados Travel Log I arrive in Barbados tomorrow. Meanwhile, we took some time in the Florida Keys–highly recommended. If you’ve never been there, it’s a combination of blue collar retro trailer park scene, crazed fishing scene and great diving. But, when you get to Key West, it’s a whole different …

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Mentawais Indonesia

Mentawais Indonesia March 24, 2005 – April 10, 2005 Boat: The Naga Laut Captain: Tom Patterson Indonesia consists of more than 10,000 islands, so as you can imagine the probability for world class surf is pretty high. That’s what brought some friends from San Diego and myself to charter a boat in the Mentawais for …

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Mainland Mexico

MICHOACAN: Mainland Mexico’s Southern California of the Past No major airports. A paved road along the coast only completed in the 1980s. Many areas still without electricity. Nobody out at many firing surf spots visible from the main road. This is Michoacan, probably the most consistent surfing region in all of Mexico. The term Mainland …

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Western Somoa

Western Somoa It’s a steamy morning in the cradle of Polynesia. Who could blame writer James Mitchner for spilling so much adulation on this exotic island 50 years ago in “Tales of the South Pacific”. This island he chose for his honeymoon remains virtually the same. It’s old style culture prides it’s self on …

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