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Chicama Boutique Hotel & Spa Review September 2014

Chicama, Peru – Arguably the longest left point break in the world! Usually when I start to daydream about potential surf trips, my mind immediately gravitates towards the more Tropical locations of the world. Visions of warm water, balmy offshore … Continue reading

La Saladita, North of Troncones, Mexico

The Corky Carroll Surf Adventure First of all, this is no ordinary surf trip, it’s an adventure. I have been on countless Mexico surf trips where sacrifices had to be made to get great un-crowded point surf. Those concessions included … Continue reading

La Barra, Nicaragua

First and foremost I would like to thank Juan and Marcos, our AST guides, for the absolutely, phenomenal job they did taking care of us. These two guys are 24 carat gold and turned what would have been a good/great … Continue reading

Baja Mexico

Baja Surf Adventures Northern Baja resort is located beachfront just outside of Quatro and Camalu. This region is known to pick up swells from just about any direction. Featuring all the amenities you’ll ever need to relax in total comfort, … Continue reading


Barbados Travel Log Dispatch #1, 25Aug06 I arrive in Barbados tomorrow. Meanwhile, we took some time in the Florida Keys–highly recommended. If you’ve never been there, it’s a combination of blue collar retro trailer park scene, crazed fishing scene and … Continue reading

Florianó Trip

If you haven’t heard of the island of Florianopolis, Brazil yet, you should look into this place and get yourself familiar. Locals call the place ;Floripa (pronounced flor-ree-pah) and those who have been there know it as ;Ilha Magica, or … Continue reading

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